Fijuka – Live @chelsea


It wasn’t the most appealing of Wednesday nights to head to the Gürtel, the bitter cold Viennese winter winds have taken over from the late autumn warmth of a week ago and a slight spray of English drizzle seemed to be enough to send people crazy as they rushed for their oversized umbrellas. Thankfully things were a lot warmer and colourful in Chelsea as Fijuka celebrated the release of their debut album of the same name. Their vibrant, energetic charisma was enough to make you forget about the dismal changing of the seasons outside for an hour or more.
It was a lesson in how to make peppy, playful and ironic pop music of the finest kind.  Lead singer Ankathie’s mind-blowingly powerful voice was in full force throughout the gig as they played the hits that have got them so much praise in recent months and also a few new ones which show great promise for the future. They found themselves out of breath after the opening two songs due to the fact that they were “giving it everything they had”, something which was undeniably true.

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Catchy basslines, whimsical sounds and sparklingly blinding dress sense made for a great evening of pop from a band which have claimed this genre for their own. Ankathie’s excellent voice, their eccentric dress code and their flair for the over-melodramatic brought three words to a friend’s mind – “Alanis Morisette, Lady Gaga and Grey’s Anatomy”, make of that what you will.
One thing is for certain, we will be hearing, seeing and enjoying a lot more of Fijuka in 2014, and gratefully so, we all need a bit of glamour in our lives.
Get their debut album “Fijuka” on iTunes here or go to a gig and get yourself a hard copy. More information on gigs and news on their website and Facebook page