Tall Stories: Fiaranand @ Café Mocha

Vienna based Singer- Songwriter Tall William was once again out and about and this time checked out Fiaranand in Cafe Mocha. Tall William will be playing a number of gigs himself in the next few weeks starting with RAJ in Innsbruck check out his Facebook page for full details.
From the number of flash bulbs blitzing the chic interior of Café Mocha and iPhones held aloft I get the feeling I am not the only reviewer of Ober Österriech chamber-pop crooners ‘Fiaranand’ tonight. Balloons litter the stage area and an eclectic array of instruments hint towards the diverse sounds to come.
As a four piece consisting of guitar, cajon, melodica and chello and no distortion to cover their asses Fiaranand keep the parts of each instrument simple and utilise their impeccable tightness to create something much more complex than the sum of its parts.
The easy charm and self-deprecating wit of songwriter and frontman Hannes Ohnéjo wins the audience over from the start. Claiming his band to be ‘not really Saturday night party music but playing anyway’ before slipping into the melancholic opener ‘Er und da Bam’ which sets the tone for the first portion of their set.
However, three down-tempo arpeggio laden 4+ minute tracks later (beautiful as they were) audience tastes begins to fatigue. The set at this point needs a toe-tapper and Fiaranand do not disappoint.
‘Spiegelei’ slams into the set list and that up-beat number you have been hungry for becomes all the more tasty when it arrives. Chello and Cajon synchronise perfectly to give a solid base for Hannes Ohnéjo’s observational lyrics and pulsing guitars while brother Stefan Ohnéjo freaks out a truly monumental solo. Think Jimi Hendrix on melodica and you’re pretty much there.
The pace is set and the mood maintained throughout the next few numbers ‘Kollektivschlafphase’, ‘Kana hat Angst vor dem Hund’ and ‘Wird scho wieda, Wean’. With a particular highlight of percussionist David popping balloons with his brushes, giving the beat a destructive snare.
Our appetite for jaunty danceable tracks now satisfied the set list return to chilled out closers such as ‘Kobi’ and ‘Goodbye’ which are welcomed with a re-newed sense of appreciation.
Fiaranand are a band who have realised the importance of building a performance around stylistic anticipation, experimentation and good old fashioned band chemistry.  They are a group who took steel, wood and imagination and turned them into a great evenings entertainment.



Fiaranand will be playing alongside Daisy O’ Hara in Celeste on the 23rd of November