Things to see and do – 26.11 – 02.12

Heard the first christmas songs of the year played in a shop today, which means we are all going to require a good dose of quality music to balance out such horrors.

OK KID@ Fluc – 26.11

As an English native living in Vienna it is hard to avoid German music, it can be testing at times, and after a few beers understanding the songs turns into more work than it should be, but there are some decent German-language bands out there. OK KID are one of them at the moment. They will be supported by The Golden Rabbit, who we did an interview with a while ago, so double recommendation.
Club Nolabel will be taking over B72 once again on Tuesday night as well, with the best local unsigned talent guaranteed to be taking to the stage. Loving.the.AlienATLAS MIND and Pharaohs & Kings will be on stage this time.
If you’re still in the mood for a jiggle after going to one of those then Flex has an option for you with the “Midnight Cafe”. No Joy will be playing at 23:30 for free and if you already have a ticket then you can get your money back on the door.


DOT DASH @ Bach – 27.11

The Fisch-Fest continues and Wednesday will be taken over by Totally Wired Records with Dot Dash, Tommy Weinberg & The Dreams set to play.
Nothing much happening on Thursday, unless you want to go watch the very overrated 1975 in Fluc.

Likewise@ Garage X – 29.11

If you like a fine slice of folk rock then head on down to Garage X to see Likewise
Fettkakao will be represented by Just Friends and Lovers and II Tirana II at the Fisch-Fest in Bach on Friday night as the three week festival for alternative music in Vienna slowly comes to an end.


Matthäus Bär singt seine großen Kinderlieder (ALBUM RELEASE) @Fluc – 01.12


This one is a more unconventional recommendation, as it takes place at 3.30pm, on a Sunday afternoon. However we find the idea great and the music as well and if you have time you should pop down to the Fluc and check out Matthäus Bär and the Little Hipster Band as he celebrates the release of the album.
If you’re more of an evening person then Mount Kimbie in Flex may float your boat, or a more chilled out and ambient affair with Dear Reader in Chelsea.


If you think we have missed anything or want to tell us about your band/event/party/Rick James tribute night then send us an email at or on Facebook