2013 in Music: Sonobelle Recordings

The year is slowly coming to an end, to mark this we decided to get in contact with the people behind some of the labels, bands and event organisers that have been providing us with great music this year.
Producer/mixer/songwriter Alexander Wieser (Deckchair Orange) and founder of  Vienna-based  Sonobelle Recordings, a full-service independent music company and recording studio took the time to tell us about his 2013 in music, and why these songs made the grade.
Sonobelle is also an aspiring small label which currently has two very promising bands on the books in Silvius Sonvilla and At Pavillon. For more information check out the website and Facebook page 
„Hard To Find“  – The National
I spent 3 weeks travelling around Iceland last June and „Trouble Will Find Me“ by The National was playing constantly on our car stereo. I had a lot on my mind at that time and this was the best song to wallow in some self-pity.
Yet another icelandic connection. I don´t know if you´ve been there before, but for me it´s the most phenomenal place there is. I don´t want to sound like a travel guide, but driving through this unique landscape with all its strangely formed stones, overwhelming craters, ever-changing weather and sunsets around midnight was fantastic. My friend Ragna turned me on to Múm. I also saw them live at the Waves Festival in Vienna.
„Weltgeschichtenschreiber“ – Silvius Sonvilla
Silvius and I met a little over a year ago. He came to the studio and the first thing he played was an idea he had for „Weltgeschichtenschreiber“. I was blown away by the way he´s able to play with lyrics and his unique style of arranging. That song was the start of our collaboration and in a way , it also was the reason for me to start the label. My „work-relationship“ with the artists I was working with before, more or less ended after a record was finished. This time I wanted to go further and help to push their music the best I can.
 „Ghosts“  – On An On
Just love this song.
Power Ups – RDGLDGRN
I´m a big fan of Fairfax Recordings. It´s run by Producer Kevin Augunas. They´re now located in the former Sound City Studio in LA. That´s the room where Nirvana recorded Nevermind – you don´t get a better drum sound and funny enough, Dave Grohl plays drums on this record.
„Here Comes The Night Time“Arcade Fire
I love the way James Murphy left his footprints on this album.
I remember playing a festival with my band Deckchair Orange in Münster and Bosse was playing after us. Altough it was raining like crazy, everybody was dancing and we had a great night.
And the strangest thing happened the other day. I was listening to Bosse on my headphones while walking down Burggasse – all of the sudden, Mr. Bosse crossed the street in front of me and vanished into WIRR.
„It Will All Happen The Way It Should Be“Listener
I first discovered Listener with the track „Wooden Heart“. This song if of his current record „Time Is  A Machine“. In general I guess I tend to really like the last song on albums.
„Mermaids“Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Nick Cave´s „Push The Sky Away“ is next to The Nationals „Trouble Will Find Me“ one of my favourite albums of 2013. I had the chance to spend some time at a beautiful residential studio in the south of france where this album was recorded. It´s an outstanding place with an atmosphere that you definitely feel while listening to this record.
„Revolution“Matthäus Bär
I had the pleasure of working with Matthäus Bär on his Kinderhitsalbum this year. The goal was to produce songs that both, children and parents would appreciate – hope you like it too.