Catastrophe & Cure @ Radiokulturhaus


There are certain types of gigs which make you want to move around like you’re 15 again, and others which make you want to close your eyes and lose yourself in the beauty of. Catastrophe & Cure are definitely a band which fall into the latter.
The 2013 Fm4 Award winners at the Amadeus Awards  celebrated a successful year with an honour which is not often given to bands of their age – the opporunity to play in the acoustically and aestehtically beautiful Radiokulturhaus for an FM4 Radio Session.
The sextet from upper-austria took to the stage punctually at 7pm on Sunday evening  and were clearly a little overawed by the occasion. “It is very strange to see everyone sitting down” flustered lead singer Johannes Eder into the mic before they dramatically delved into the first songs.
Catastrophe & Cure make music for the heart and soul rather than for the body, and the RKH was the perfect way to experience their take on the world. Their performance  showed exactly why they are where they are now. They have a musical maturity which goes well beyond their years.

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The future looks promising as well as they premiered new songs “Written in his notes” and “Undeniable – Irresistable” from the upcoming album, which show a desire to stick to their own chosen path while also offering something completely new. That so-called “difficult 2nd album” may not be so difficult for C&C…
There were a few hiccups along the way (Apple proved once again that they are all talk and no show) as the band took the opportunity given to them to play their songs as many times as they like to ensure they sounded perfect for the radio broadcast (on Thursday on Fm4), especially the new ones. And why not? Listening to songs this good a second time round is always a pleasure, and the new tracks proved to be even better at the 2nd time of hearing.
2014 will be a defining year for Catastrophe & Cure, and the pressure is on for them to top what has been a fantastic 2013 with the release of their 2nd album. Based on this performance however that shouldn’t be a problem. Catastrophe & Cure are here to stay, and there are no limits as to where this band can go.