2013 in Music: Walzerkönig Pt.1

The year is slowly coming to an end, to mark this we decided to get in contact with the people behind some of the labels, bands and event organisers that have been providing us with great music this year.


Finding decent blogs to keep you up to date with good music is not easy, and finding good blogs to keep you up to date with good music in Austria is even harder. We really like what is going on over at Walzerkönig though, one of the best blogs for Austrian indie music out there. So we asked Astrid, Anna, Isis and Lynette, the girls behind the blog to tell us about their 2013 in music! Here is part 1!

Top 10 Albums (Astrid)

1. Francis International AirportCache (Siluh)
It wasn’t going to be easy living up to the uber album In The Woods, but with Cache, FIA did what was logical and developed their sound into something both familiar and new. No doubt and by far the best local album released in 2013.
2. Gerard Blausicht (Heart Working Class)
Man, how good is Lissabon? It’s really, really good. Just like everything else about this album, from the beats to the lyrics to the overall look and feel.
3. Naked LunchAll Is Fever (Tapete)
I must confess I didn’t quite get the appeal of Naked Lunch before All Is Fever but oh, now I do. Both the opener Keep It Hardcore and the last song The Funeral are some of the most powerful songs ever written, and emotional in the best possible sense.
4. VelojetPanorama (Schoenwetter)
Do I even have to explain this? The best pop songs always meander between euphoria and melancholia, and Velojet have been great at this for a long time. But their most recent effort Panorama takes things to a whole new level.
5. RikaHow To Draw A River, Step By Step (Goddamn / Count Your Lucky Stars)
Still waters run deep: Everything about this album, from its title to its watery theme to its inherent calmness, is utterly beautiful.
6. FijukaFijuka (Seayou)
Seemingly out of nowhere, Fijuka took the local music scene by storm this year. Their self-titled debut album turned out so cheeky and creative and catchy I can’t believe they’re not worldwide pop stars yet. They also happen to be two women, which is great in this terribly male-dominated industry, but what’s even greater is how casual they are about this fact.
7. Farewell Dear GhostWe Colour The Night (Schoenwetter)
A little too much on top of the world and not enough depths of despair for my personal taste, this is nevertheless an impressive debut. It’s nice to see how promising Philipp Szalay’s demo versions have turned into these beautiful, hymnic songs made for big stages.
8. Ghost CapsulesGhost Capsules (O*Solo)
A pop album made by electronic musicians. I’m not sure whether Laura’s voice or the unusual line-up is Ghost Capsules’ main asset. Either way, both of these things are responsible for the intriguing sound.
9. Bilderbuch Feinste Seide EP (Maschin)
This is #9 only because it is “just” an EP. 2013 was buzzy for Bilderbuch, and you all know that 2014 will be the year that they blow up big time in all German speaking countries. And it will be about time.
10. SOHNBloodflows EP (4AD)
Speaking of buzzes, this guy has kept the hype machine busy all year with a carefully orchestrated media strategy and still no full album out.

Top 10 venues (Anna)

10. Arena, Wien
I’m not such a fan of the Kleine and Große Halle (especially when sold-out), but the Beisl, Dreiraum and of course the Open Air area are amongst Vienna’s best venues. Sadly I’m not so much into the direction their booking has gone over the past couple of years.
Highlight 2013: FM4 Geburtstagsfest (Gin Ga, Delphic, Toro y Moi…)
9. DDSG Blue Danube
This isn’t a normal neither a usual venue. It’s a boat – and apart from the bands playing there on the Waves’ cruise to Bratislava, I don’t think that they do use it for concerts. Which is sad, because we clearly need more concerts on boats.
Highlight 2013: The Beth Edges, Gin Ga
8. B72, Wien
You should avoid Vienna’s B72 on nights when there are no concerts – except if you’re into teenagers dancing to the Radio Energy charts on the stage. However, their live program always tends to satisfy the needs of Vienna’s indie boys and girls.
Highlight 2013: Fucked Up
7. Dom im Berg, Graz
Is clearly is one of the most spectacular venues in Austria – entering the Schlossberg on the bottom and climbing the stairs in its inside, peeking into the random caves every couple of meters to find this huge room with usually a great sound and awesome lights. Sadly it’s mainly used for electronic events.
Highlight 2013: Crookers
6. rhiz, Wien
It might be tiny and breathing is hard when it’s full, but it’s one of the best places for a summery after-work beer and for experimental/lo-fi/punkrock/noise/diy-music.
Highlight 2013: Young Rival
5. Stadtsaal, Wien
I prefer Vienna’s Stadtsaal to all the other theatre-venues in the city because 1. it tends to have the best program due to the Stadtsaal/Samt/Untergrund series, 2. you’re allowed to bring drinks inside and 3. it’s conveniently located right on Mariahilferstrasse.
Highlight 2013: Conor Oberst
4. Postgarage, Graz
I’ll might have to specify “2nd floor” here. Glittery golden walls and Vodka-Makava on the menu, that’s just hard to beat!
Highlight 2013: Brittsommar Festival (Atomic Stereo, Bo Candy & His Broken Hearts…)
3. Fluc & Flex, Wien
Both of these Viennese locations are quite annoying to get home from on a weekday after 1am and they are both oddly shaped. Also, both have their café/upstairs for smaller shows and fun aftershow-parties.
Highlight 2013: Mozes and the Firstborn (Fluc), The Thermals (Flex)
2. SUb, Graz
It’s small, it’s dirty, it’s a bit wrecked. The beer is pay-what-you-want and the music is loud. It is the perfect location for punkrockshows and excessive nights out in Graz.
Highlight 2013: Robotra
1. Sportzentrum Inzersdorf, Kremstal
Even though it was only used as a musical venue once in 2013, this proved to be the most cozy, beautiful and fun location when it hosted this year’s Rock im Dorf. Somewhere in the fields of the small town Inzersdorf next to the woods (which is not only volume-wise quite convenient but also pretty romantic), with old sofas, hay bales and a bonfire and a great selection of established Austrian acts as well as newcomers.
Highlight 2013: Francis International Airport