Farewell Dear Ghost @ B72

Can sounding too good live be a bad thing? It is a question which probably dominated many Austrian “round tables” after seeing Farewell Dear Ghost in B72.
It has been a pretty good year for FDG, starting it as a relative unknown, and ending it as an FM4 number 1 artist with sights firmly set on conquering Austria and beyond.
There was a healthy turn-up to watch the band celebrate the release of We Colour The Night in B72 as well, and the floor was already full to watch friends of the band Marta. An energy-laden 2 piece with that garage rock essence. The gruff voice of lead singer Paul Plut and the rock riffs certainly attracted the attention of the crowd as they woke up from their social slumber and took notice.


With the crowd now well warmed up it was time for the main act. Farewell Dear Ghost’s music couldn’t have been any more different from Marta’s rough around the edges kind of feel as Szalay and and band put in an acoustically perfect performance, with the songs sounding just as well produced as on the album, which in b72 is a very rare occurrence.
An undoubted nominee for album of the year if SIM had an influence on those kind of things, the live show was a spotless representation of the talents of the band. Things got even better once lead singer Szalay unintentionally ditched the hat, a fashion faux par which we will let slide this time.  It really is quite astounding how many hits Farewell Dear Ghost have been able to cram into one album and they came thick and fast as well. They are songs which are made for a bigger stage than B72, and it probably won’t be too long until Farewell Dear Ghost are donning those stages, in Austria, and perhaps across Europe……