2013 In Music – Las Vegas Records

The year is slowly coming to an end, to mark this we decided to get in contact with the people behind some of the labels, bands and event organisers that have been providing us with great music this year.
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Founder of LasVegas Records Andreas Jantsch told us about his favourite Austrian albums of the year this time and why they are so special.
LasVegas Records is an Austrian music label founded  in 2006 with the mission to bring decent music to the masses.  Current bands on the label include DAWA, Illute, MAUR DUE & LICHTER and MY NAME IS MUSIC.
NAKED LUNCHAll is Fever (1.2.2013)
I really didn’t like Naked Lunch at their first concert (in Linz, 1993?), but they have definitely won me over since then with the release of their last album.  „All is Fever“ is perhaps a little more well-behaved than they used to be, but the guys are not 20 anymore either.
Effi Closer (8.3.2013) 
I was really impressed by the debut, and the 2nd album is just as good. They have managed to avoid that “difficult” second album problem with this excellent release.
KIDCAT LO-FIKidcat lo-fi (1.4.2013)
Great debut album! Cheeky, sexy, charming but also somehow really honest and unashamed. Their performance at the Bluebird Festival alone earned them a place in this list.
MY NAME IS MUSICSuper Acceleration (3.5.2013)
The duo have returned with a wonderful album. Loud, weird and colourful, but still pure pop.
Another long-serving band which has finally managed to make the break through with “Cache”, and it is about time!
DAWAThis should work (7.6.2013)
The discovery of the year in my opinion, even if it is was our own! The band simply has everything musicians need to make it big. Great music, individuality, uniqueness, charisma, charm and power.
MAUR DUE & LICHTER This Night was meant to stay (5.7.2013)
It has been a surprising change of direction from MDL. The guitars have been swapped for laptops and instead of dreamy sounds they are making music to dance to. It is a great, conclusive and varied album in my opinion.
BILDERBUCHFeinste Seide (EP 11.10.2013)
“Feinste Seide” has to be in the list, even if it is just an EP. Bilderbuch have always stayed with their ideas and it is finally paying off for them.
KÖNIG LEOPOLDEure Armut Kotzt Mich An (8.11.2013)
Funny, strange and provocative while still being danceable. It is the perfect mix and a real asset to the Austrian music scene.
FAREWELL DEAR GHOSTWe color the night (15. 11.2013)
Another surprising debut. It is magnificently produced, magnificent singles, magnificent album. Easily capable of being an international hit.