2013 in Music: The Fritz

(C) Martin Colbert
(C) Martin Kolbert
One of our favourite unknown, unsigned and unreleased bands of the year was without doubt The Fritz. The band based in Berlin and Vienna will be playing their last gig of the year this weekend, supporting THE WHO THE WHAT THE YEAH in Sub in Wiener Neustadt on Saturday night (14.12). To coincide with their gig we caught up with lead singer Reiner, bass player Christoph and drummer Philip to find out about the songs which have dominated their 2013.
Bilderbuch Plansch – This band has taken a huge leap forward since their first two albums. “plansch” sounds sexy, self-confident, innovative. it leaves a lot of space in the arrangement, then explodes in crazy ways. “maschin”, the other track from their current EP, isn’t less exciting. can’t wait for the album.
Manic Street Preachers Show me the wonder – I’ve been a fan of the manics for years, and I don’t share many people’s opinion that they have their best days behind them. Whenever you proclaim them dead, they seem to come back with something great to proove they’re still relevant. “show me the wonder” does exactly that. A joyous little gem, as good as anything they’ve done.
Jo StraussVon Berlin Our Singer recently moved to Berlin – so I guess this is a sentimental pick – although the whole Jo Strauss album is great.
Swim Deep – She Changes the weather – I love the Swim Deep album “Where the heaven are we” – it’s a perfect summer album … and it didn’t get the attention it deserves – so everybody should give it a listen!
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal –  When I don’t know what I should listen to I listen to the Jon Hopkins album “Immunity” – and I always like it.
Francis International Airport – Sulfur Sun – One of the greatest Austrian bands from the last 3 years (at least) has to be on this list. Sulfur Sun is my favourite track from their album “Cache”
Farewell Dear Ghost – Fire – Another great band from Austria – Their debut album “We colour the night” is really good – and I liked the song “Farewell Dear Ghost” from Monta back in the days when I was young and still had dreams and hope.
nin copy of a – There are not many bands that have a presence and energy like Nine Inch Nails. In ‘copy of a’ Trent Reznor is his usual angry self as he sings about conformity. In the end we find out that we are not alone in our confirmity. Reassuring, don’t you think?
a wilhelm screamlast laugh – While we are on the topic of angry outcries against the establishment, this is a discipline which Nuno Pereira and Trevor Reilly have mastered. AWS are one of my all-time favourite bands. Full of emotion and subtle guitar music which is angrily played but still has a lot of hope through the lyrics.  ‘Last laugh’ has everything that a punk song needs.