2013 in breakfasts and gigs: Teenbeat Club

The year is almost at an end, to mark this we decided to get in contact with the people behind some of the labels, bands and event organisers that have been providing us with great music this year.
Teenbeat Club have had another stellar year. We have been treated to a multitude of excellent gigs organized by them (Swim Deep, Beach Fossils, Jeffrey Lewis and the Rain, Thee Oh Sees, Sin Fang, Dan Deacon and Dark Dark Dark but to name a few) Magic Carpet Ride continues to provide the best indie/twee/60s/soul/psych/garage music and their Twee Indie breakfast is still the place to be for, well, indie breakfasts! It seemed fitting to ask the lads and lasses behind Teenbeat Club to tell us about their favorite gigs of the year, and their favorite breakfast music of course!
Markus (Booking)
Breakfast Song: FoxygenSan Franciso
You go to Barcelona to see them live and what happens? They cancel the day you arrive! That’s not ok. I’m not from L.A. So there is new goal, which will involve bringing them to Vienna instead.
Concert 2013: Dark Dark Dark, Wuk small hall, May 2013
Best Teenbeat concert in 2013 (possibly even the best ever).Dark Dark Dark combined the charm of Feist with the attiude of young a Beirut. Teenbeat is still proud to be the first people who brought them to Vienna. Next time big Wuk hall is the goal.
Teresa (Advertisement, Social Media, Master of the Kassa)
Breakfast Song: The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You
The perfect start for a cozy Sunday morning. Makes me want to read good books and watch good movies all day long. And that’s what I normally do then.
Concert 2013: Thee Oh Sees, Chelsea, July 2013
It was really really hot that day. And I thought nobody will last more than 15 minutes in muggy Chelsea. But they offered such a good performance that nobody wanted to miss just a second of it. Luckily Pavlov’s Dogs made a little video.
Ulrich (photography)
Breakfast Song: Causa SuiHomage
Imagine you’re waking up on a cold winter morning, the sun is shining, but you definitely don’t want to leave the house just yet. Maybe you had something to drink yesterday and can still feel it in your bones or maybe you’re not the type for that,  craving a fresh cup of hot green tea and the simple awesomeness that lies in a Nutella-Toast: this song is like that for the first 50 seconds. After that it just takes off into heavy-psychedelic guitar-wailing nirvana! This is one of the best songs of the hard-rocking danish three-piece so far!
Concert 2013Acid Mothers Temple, Fluc, October 2013
This concert was like a rocketship embodied by Mr. Kawabata Makoto himself. He slung his never-before so phallic guitar in the air and RIPPED! It was loud, it was spacey and it sent you flowers from a deeply cosmic love. Definitely one the top performances in 2013. Honorable mention goes to Primordial Undermind’s last show as their original lineup, in which they tore the Rhiz up like I’ve never seen before!
Hieronymus (Helping hand for anything)
Breakfast Song: Lou ReedPerfect Day
Because ham&eggs without Lou Reed’s influence are as unthinkable as Lou Reed without the influence of David Bowie’s baked beans.
Concert 2013The xx, Gasometer, May 2013
Probably because I was enlightened. But first and foremost because of the magnificent vocals.
David (photography)
Breakfast Song:Wilco – One Sunday Morning
“One Sunday Morning” makes me wanna stay in bed and have breakfast all day long.
Concert 2013: The Beth Edges, Teenbeat Art Exhibition Ragnarhof, February 2013
Previous to a reminiscing Exhibition of successful concerts, an intimate acoustic set by The Beth Edges with friends and family was the most memorable concert this year.
Matthias (photography & helping hand)
Breakfast Song: Arcade FireHere Comes The Night Time  
Definitely not the best song title for breakfast, but the best song from the new Arcade Fire album.
Concert 2013Kashmir – Szene Wien, April 2013
It was my birthday present to take photos at that concert. After taking photos for 3 songs I could enjoy 20 years of music from Kashmir.
Shirin (photography)
Breakfast Song: Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix).  
I think we all know ‘Animal’ by now. But in 2013 I discovered this remix by Mark Ronson. Makes breakfast feel even better!
Concert 2013: Gin Ga, Popfest, July 2013
I’ve seen them couple of times before but still, it’s always a joy to see them perform! Also, summer makes it even better!
Ruth (photography & helping hand, currently looking for good music in Sweden)
Breakfast Song: Sin Fang – What’s Wrong With Your Eyes
Reminds me of good times sitting at my favourite café in Reykjavík – hemmi og valdi – which they closed down earlier this year.
Concert 2013Suuns, Chelsea, August 2013
Since I was at Iceland Airwaves for the first time in 2011 and asked this nice guy who turned out to be the guitarist in Suuns for a cigarette I wanted to see them live. One of the most-intense concerts I’ve attended this year. And the last one I saw in Vienna before I left for Sweden – double-pleasure!


What is on the horizon?

2014 looks set to be just as busy for Teenbeat with the following gigs already confirmed and more Indie Breakfasts and carpet rides to come! Find out more information about Teenbeat Club on their website or Facebook page