2013 in Music: The Vinyl Heart Club Records

© Mario Lang
© Mario Lang
The Vinyl Heart Club Records is a small label based in Vienna which started releasing bands in April this year with an extremely limited amount of stock, so you know you are buying something special when you buy from these guys. This year has seen them release EP’s from bands such as Ash My LoveThe Maybe Men, I Wanna Boogie With You and Snoww Crystal. Look out for The Vinyl Heart Club Records in 2014 with releases from I Wanna Boogie With You, Seth Hebert Faergolzia and Bo Candy & His Broken Hearts planned.
To celebrate the year we asked Andreas Dauböck for his best songs and albums of the year 2013, and it was as eclectic and eccentric as the music released on the label!
Daniel JohnstonSpace Ducks
My absolute favourite this year is from Daniel Johnston, the album “Space Ducks”! This album contains all the things I love about Daniel Johnston! it`s a really authentic album and drives me crazy from the first tune to the last. “Space Ducks” also features other artists too like Unknown Mortal Orchestra or Die Mason Die. thanks for that!
Big Harp Chain Letters
Another great album i’ve found is from the band Big Harp named “Chain Letters”. I never heard anything about this band before, but the cover appealed to me straight away at the record store, and wow! It didnt disappoint.
Schnitzelbeat – Vol.1″
A true diamond I discovered 2 days ago is “Schnitzelbeat – Vol.1”. it is a compilation blasting out “Twisted Rock N Roll, Exotica And Proto-Beat Unknowns From Austria 1957 – 1965”. It is the only thing I have been listening to for the last two days and I have fallen in love with the “Geisterstunden Cha Cha” – it’s not only the song that I love, it is also the title.
Charley Patton – The Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 1 & 2
I always loved delta blues, so i am really happy that Jack White`s Label released Charley Patton`s “The Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 1 & 2”. I cant say more about that, I can only listen and listen and listen to this fantasic record!
Bikini Machine –  Let`s Have A Party With Vol.2
Then I found a great release from Bikini Machine, “Let`s Have A Party With Vol.2”, which was produced by Jon Spencer! This record is based on some really groovy 60s and 70s movie soundtracks. a pure instrumental album, unusual for Bikini Machine, but damn great!
So and here are my top 5 songs!
Gibby Haynes“Horse Named George”
Ohh Gibby Haynes (formely Butthole Surfers) and Jack White! Maybe the coolest and hardest blues song that exists, even cooler and harder than Z-Rock Hawaii`s version of “Bad To The Bone”.
Wild Billy Childish “Ich Lieber Dich”
Billy Childish, the indisputable pioneer of garage sound, is my all time favourite! Here`s a song in german, that’s reason enough for me to put it on my fav list 2013.
Dead Elvis & Thee Graveman“Monster Boogie Woogie”
Elvis, yes HE lives! All Elvis fans must let out a huge sigh of relief that this creature from hell is back on earth…more dead than ever!
One-Man 100% Bluez Band “The Same Man”
On my last trip to rome, I discovered the probably best one-man-band from Italy! Now the one-man garage blues band is turning into a trio!
Captain Knife “Chainsaw”
As I saw captain knife for the first time, it reminded me of the good old Tom Waits stuff. I played this stomping song with a few members of the Captain Knife band and together with Sir Tralala, and it will stay in my head forever.