2013 in Music – Totally Wired Records


With bands like Dot Dash, Gran, Bruch, Crystal Soda Cream, The Dictaphone and more, Totally Wired Records have been providing us with excellent releases all year round. We thought it was about time to ask them what music has been dominating their airplay in 2013.
DreamsalonThirteen Nights / LP, Captcha Records 
A record like a rattling treasure chest. Thanks to Jérémie of The Dictaphone for recommending this album to us – the debut of a Seattle based “supergroup” of former members of A Frames, Evening Meetings, Factums, Love Tan, The Intelligence etc.

Rob Joe Star Band

s/t  / LP, reissued on Born Bad Records 
Wonderful and nearly forgotten. This french band is strangely beautiful madness.

Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs / LP, Harbinger Sound 
Amazing anger to dance to.

Damenkapelle EP / 10″, Echokammer 
Damenkapelle is a great Band. We invited them once to Cheree Cheree. They are operating at a similar dimension like we do. Oscillating somewhere between fine arts and Rock & Roll. This  simply is a great record.

ProtomatyrNo Passion All Technique / LP, Urinal Cake  
This is it! One of the best  Bands of our days. We would love to see them live in Vienna.

AnikaAnika EP / 12″, Stones Throw Records 
With this EP, consisting of cover versions and remixes of tracks that were previously released on her debut album, Anika seems to be looking back at things, (re)collecting them and – in the manner of an expert – putting them into a blender like pieces of broken glass. Rough edged, tantalizing, brilliantly produced. Simply amazing!

Schnitzelbeat Volume 1I Love You, Baby! / LP, comp, Digatone 
Sold out before you even knew it. A demented collection of well hidden and previously unknown rock’n’roll tracks from the pre-austropop era, revealed by treasure hunter Al Bird Sputnik. An absolute necessity.

Craig LeonNommos / LP, reissued on Superior Viaduct 
A master of production. He even produced Moon Martin and Suicide.

These following two  records caught our eyes and hearts at Transformer, a small but mighty TWRfamily related record store & café in Vienna’s 5th district (Kettenbrückengasse 1):

NagamatzuShatter Days / LP, reissued on Dark Entries

Various – Italia No! Contaminazioni No Wave Italiane 1980 – 1985 / LP+CD, comp, Spittle Records