2013 in Music – Zita Records

2014 may have arrived, but we are still feeling rather nostalgic about the year 2013, and got Matthäus Bär from ZITA Records to talk to us about the music which influenced his year.
ZITA Records is an independet music label and promoter, founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria with bands such as MARTA, Polkov, The End Band and Matthäus’s own project on the roster.
Arcade fire – Afterlife (live at youtube video awards) 
it was not the song itself that knocked me of my feet, but spike jonez’ stunnnig way of repositioning the already dead-declared genre of the music video – by blurring the lines between virtual life, real life and live-performance. Just great.
MGMT – Your life is a lie 
Since the second album congratulations I’m really, really fond of MGMT. Their mix of sound-layers, electronic weirdness, pop music historical references and still terribly catchy hooklines is just pretty unique to me. The opener of this years album, Your Life Is A Lie, perfectly fits into MGMTs whole concept as a band. I mean, who can do something like that without being judged as crackpots? Or aren’t they anyway?
Polkov – Pictures (live at the recorder) 
I would not be a proper label boss, if I did not include some of ZITA Records’ releases to my 2013 charts. But to be honest, Polkov would be on my list anyway, even if I would not support them in terms of label-work. I really adore their unagitated and yet mystic country sound, and of course Laurenz’ outer space, but fair-minded lyrics. Hold on tight for their upcoming album in early 2014, it’s gonna be a blast…..
Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
This list is supposed to represent the music that affected me most in 2013, and I can’t deny that this had some impact on me. All right, I’m not so kean on the song, but the media-hype it created (in combination with that video) was pretty astonishing. So, respect to the marketing guys (and girls) behind that. And come on, at least you have seen some of the endless number of parodies.
Viech – Mit dir möcht ich baden gehen 
An Austrian band that surely does its media homework is Viech. They released their debut-album early in 2013 and it won me over with impressive sound frames and catchy, eloquent songs. With Mit dir möcht ich baden gehen, doch ich seh uns noch lang nicht im Urlaub they did a wonderful second single, and a splendid, enjoyable music video as well.
MARTA – Could we please all fall in love 
When Paul Plut is not fooling around with Viech, he does the dirty old garage-rocker, including thunderbolt guitars and an edgy bourbon screaming voice, just like a furious Tom Waits. This 2-man band from Graz is another horse from the ZITA stable and puts some vigour in the roaster. Brrrrrr.
Sex jams – Shark vs Apple 
To stay in Austria and the genre of electrified guitars: Sex jams are an extremely powerful live band, with a soft spot for going off the rails. And the most beautiful album cover of 2013 worldwide.
Sin Fang – Look At The Light 
An alltime fav of mine is the Icelander Sin Fang. Strange enough, his songs are (nearly) always full of nostalgia and gloom, but completely without being desperate. Somehow I always feel relieved and refreshed after listening to Sin Fang. And he releases on Morr Music, which you can maybe call something like a role model for me as well.
Silvius Sonvilla – Rücklicht
I had the chance to listen to Silvius Sonvilla’s EP some weeks before the release and I was truly delighted by the approach of structuring a pop song, this kind of layering or “re-puzzeling” seemed extremely reviving to me. Produced and released by my trusted friend and crony Alex Wieser and his Sonobelle Recordings, in a way, the Rücklicht-EP creates a perfect mix of electro, singer-songwriter, folk and club music.
Warpaint – Love Is To Die 
This song hit me just a couple of weeks ago and made me fall for Warpaint. It has an extremely impulsive beat and it’s a simple song, but with some strange chord changes in it. Still, every time the chorus kicks in, I think they did something wrong, and my confusion is not resolved before somewhere in the middle of the song. Awesome! Chaos, mystery and sex appeal, what more do you want from a band? I’m terribly looking forward to the upcoming album