2013 in Music – Siluh Records

Siluh Records brought out so many good releases on a consistent basis in 2013, Francis International Airport’s Cache was a massive leap for them, Mozes and the Firstborn were the discovery of the year, Wandl is going to take over the electro scene in a big way, and we shouldn’t forget about the likes of Sex Jams and Luise Pop. But what got their attention in 2013? 
Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
The Scots belong up there with the best of them in terms of “dreamy, melodic electro”, and they do it without making a big deal of it or using too much PR. They were away for a while and they have once again shown how well they can come back out of nowhere.
Deerhunter – Monomania (4AD)
Über wierdo Bradford and his band seem to have gone against all expectations with this one! It is so wonderfully lo-fi and Pavement-esque like never before.
Dr. Dog – b-room (Anti)
They have been providing us with psychedelic soul pop year after year for almost ten years , and once you have fallen for the lyrics, there is no way of getting out again.
Ducktails – The Flower Lane (Domino)
They have gone in a more relaxed and playful direction after their excellent previous album. The synth and sax remind us a little bit of prefab sprout (omg! They are not on our list!), but it is perfect to chill out too!
Foxygen- We are the 21st century ambassadors of peace (Jagjaguwar)
The melodies sound like something out of a collective acid dream. The two crazy californians have managed to create a piece of music which sums up the late 60s in style. We also like Wes Anderson films and always sing along to this as well!
Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus (ATP)
Probably the loudest live band ever! They have taken the synths of Boards of Canada to another level. Their wall of sound washes through your brain leaving it feeling distinctly sound blasted. The tribal beats even give hardcore industrial hearts something to get excited about.
The Memories – Love Is The Law (Burger)
The summer has never been so beautiful! The crazy potheads from the gnar tapes label simply fire out what seem like first takes of unfinished songs, which provided us with the perfect soundtrack for bbq and swimming fun on the Donau Insel.
My Bloody Valentine – mbv (mbv)
If this album doesn’t show up in any other end of year lists, then we can’t take them seriously. It is a colossal piece of music.
Phosphorescent – Muchacho (Dead Oceans)
If you are going to make indie folk whining, then it should be exactly like here! Get your ears around this, now!
Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt (Wichita/Don Giovanni)
A magical singer/songwriter album from the wonderful katie drutchfield, which is both fragile and powerful at the same time while also possessing that Breeders easiness. The perfect inspiration for creating a fanzine! So beautiful…