Cari Cari – White Line Fever


I always take band’s own descriptions with a pinch of salt, opting to let the music do the talking. “A mix which sounds as if Keith Richards received a computer in the 60s” is how Alexander Köck (The Golden Rabbit) and Stephanie Widmer aka Cari Cari describe their debut song. While this does sound appealing, comparing your music to anything done by Keith Richards is very brave.
Thankfully the first tune from their debut EP „AMERIPPINDUNKLER“ turns out to be a little gem in own right. It’s simplicity gets under your skin as the blues elements take control of your senses and the vocals of both artists compliment each other perfectly.
They may have quite a way to go before they can really compare themselves to “Keef”, but if this debut is anything to go by then their EP is definitely going to be one to look out for in 2014.