The year that was – The definitive 2013 playlist


2013 was a very good year for music, which made our job of writing, enjoying and hyping music all the more easier. This wouldn’t have been possible however without the people who work every day making, promoting and releasing the sounds all year round. If you are a regular reader of SIM then you will know that we asked labels, bloggers, event organizers and promoters for their top tens of 2013. We were treated to so much good music that it seemed rude to not bring all of it together to make the ultimate fuck-off playlist, so that is exactly what we did. Unfortunately not all of the tracks were available on Soundcloud, so if you want to listen, watch and enjoy all of the tracks, then click here, or listen to a very extensive selection of good music below.
A special thanks goes to Siluh Records, Zita Records, Totally Wired RecordsThe Vinyl Heart Club RecordsWalzer König, Teen Beat Club, Fettkakao, Lasvegas Records and Sonobelle for their exquisite taste in music.