On a park bench with…Bilderbuch

© Niko Ostermann
© Niko Ostermann
Bilderbuch were without doubt THE band of 2013. For music-lovers and upper-austrians the four piece were by no means an unknown quantity as they headed into the year with two very good albums under their belts, but not even the band themselves could have predicted how massive things would blow up for them after the release of Plansch. By the end of the year they found themselves top of the Tape.tv charts, top of the BR – Bayerischer Rundfunk / PULS charts, top of the FM4 charts, 3rd in the Noisey / VICE charts and 21st in the Music Express charts, not bad if you ask us.
Despite all the stardom they still had time to chat to us about guilty pleasures, celebrity crushes and pet hates as Mike Bilderbuch revealed some of the band’s secrets.
Beer or spritzer? It depends on how much and how fast you want to get drunk, but most of the time we end up having it both ways anyhow.
Lamborghini or ferrari? In case you did watch the video to „maschin“, thats where you´ll experience the achievement of wisdom. Seriously, it’s Lamborghini. (SiM – Mike proves he is on the ball as he doesn’t fall for that very mean trick question which gave there)
If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be? At the moment for me that’s definitely kendrick lamar’s „good kid, m.A.A.d city“. I’m really curious about what´s waiting around the corner for 2014.
Moon boots – Fashion triumph or complete no go? Well, for some people it may be a „complete no go“, but if your last name is Hinterseer, then it’s clearly a triumph, without doubt. My parents told me he invented wearing moon boots in real life. Apparently no one had the guts to do that before him. brave hanse, it paid off. (SiM – If you didn’t know who Hansi Hinterseer was up to now, then be thankful for every minute of that time) 
If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?
Chronologically: celebrity: Dieter Bohlen, book: nichts als die Wahrheit by Dieter Bohlen, film: deutschland sucht den superstar 2013 with Dieter Bohlen, album: ready for romance by Modern Talking
Your celebrity crush is……… Well, I can’t have a crush on someone I don’t know. Though i wouldn’t say no to a date with Nora Tschirner.
Playing at summer festivals or headlining your own club tour? That’s a very mean question. In this case I can’t decide, i just hope that one day we’ll be able to do both. Touch wood.
Who would win this arm wrestle: Dirk Stermann or Christoph Grissemann? Grissemann would wrestle the shite out of Stermann, i’m sure.
Berlin or Vienna? Today it’s Vienna, tomorrow it’s Berlin, the day after tomorrow it’s Dubai and maybe, all of a sudden you may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?And eventually we’ll find ourselves, a hundred years old, sitting on a park bench, talking about how meaningless substance used to be and how fun it was to say stuff like this.
3 songs which have to go on a summer playlist?
Big Sean – guap
Little Joy – The next time around
Kendrick Lamar-bitch don´t kill my vibe
seems like a strange mixture.but it works….promise!
Favourite watering hole in Vienna? My favorites are the kind of bars where there’s expensive drinks, less ladies and uncomfortable seats, so i don’t „water“ too much or get myself into trouble.
Your favourite Bilderbuch song is? and Why? Moon Boots because i profoundly love playing that song live. In the stage version we arranged it a bit differently, compared to the studio edit and it just keeps on growing. At least for me.
it’s one of the songs in our set I look forward to the most. (SiM – The song is also still available to download for free on the bands website here)
The first album you ever bought was……. Backstreet boys-backstreet´s back.
Actually I asked my parents to buy it for me for christmas 1997 because i didn’t earn my own money at that time. I probably would have been to ashamed to buy it on my own anyway.
(SiM – It doesn’t matter what musical tastes you have, everybody knows the words to Alright (Backstreets Back) and I challenge anyone to tell me that they have never got their freak on to this, with, or without the influence of alcohol at some point in their life)
Best venue you have ever played? If you asked about what the craziest venue was, I could have told you one or another story.but you didn’t, so… In my, unfortunately very limited short-term memory the best I can think of is posthof linz. we played there a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome.
Or basically every other location that managed to preserve a monopoly on good sound, look, style and feel good/rock n roll factor over the years.for instance „arena wien“, „rockhouse salzburg“ etc.
Your guilty pleasure (musically) is… 
The last couple of days I bizarrely often caught myself ending up by the window,  smoking a melancholy soaked cigarette, while listening to some good old Herbert Grönemeyer classics. Not weird at all, right?
80s or 90s – which decade had the best fashion? That’s a question for Herbert Grönemeyer.
Bilderbuch will not be resting on their laurels in 2014 with a whole host of tour dates already confirmed for Austria and Germany. They will be playing at the Rockhouse in Salzburg on the 25.01 and Brut in Vienna on 01.02 if you want to catch them live. Check out their Facebook page and website for more information.