Tall Stories: James Choice and The Bad Decisions @B72

Vienna-based singer-songwriter  and SiM guest writer Tall William was once again in amongst the thick of it as he checked out James Choice and The Bad Decisions in B72. Tall William himself will be playing at Jetzt next week on 22.01.
Broccoli, chickpeas, potatoes, lentils and a mild curry sauce….
I’m backstage at the launch party of ‘Kathleen’, the latest single from James Choice and The Bad Decisions through Schall & Rauch Platten. Munching on one of the best curries I’ve had this side of the English Channel that was lovingly prepared by support act and Bad Decisions drummer Michael Dey (who performs as well as he cooks), I can already hear a restless B72 crowd murmur beneath me.
Pre-curry support act Wende Punkt made sure the audience were nice and warmed up before James Choice and The Bad Decisions were anywhere near the stage. Firing out a multitude of double bass, drum and accordion fueled tracks with great sincerity.
Full at both bars and a row of eager faces peering over the balcony down onto the stage below, the third and final band of the evening pick up their tools to begin. The headliners start strong with a two-footed leap into power-punk frenzy ‘These bullets are thoughts’ with plaid shirts flying around on-stage like nobody’s business. A five piece with bass, drums and electric guitar the sound is primarily crunchy but with the addition of electric piano and James’ acoustic guitar at the high end of the tonal range the performance keeps one foot on the ground, referring back intermittently to its singer-songwriter roots.
The audience casually sways, shuffles and dips their shoulders in time to the music maintaining a thin cool. But their faces reveal that this is a solid performance with fun and earnestness and they love it all the way. ‘October Sky’, ‘Travelling with a Dead Man’ and of course the reason everyone is here, 7” single ‘Kathleen’ inject the set-list time and time again with powerful bursts of adrenaline. Climaxing with the message filled ‘Throats’, a number written by friend of the band Katie Raine, the grandiose piece is really the only way James Choice and The Bad Decisions could have ended the evening.
Leaving the stage to calls of ‘Zugabe’ James and drummer Michael are soon back on stage to put the night to bed with a wonderful duet of Willy Mason’s ‘Oxygen’ with acoustic guitar.


Get the Kathleen 7″ on Schall & Rauch Platten or get some of James Choice’s earlier stuff on his Bandcamp page


The Kathleen 7″ Release Tour continues with the following dates
17.01. Timelkam – Bart
18.01. Salzburg – Shakespeare
25.01. Bruck a.d.M. – Bayer