Things to See and Do – 21.01 – 27.01

It is all a wee bit sparse this week in terms of  gigs, but there are still a fair few things to get excited about, here are our recommendations. The FM4 Geburtstagsfest is of course already sold out, but we have the feeling it just won’t be the same this year anyway with the change of location. An FM4 GB fest which isn’t outdoors…..the end of an era (wipes the tears away)

SLUT / And The Golden Choir @ WUK – 21.01


After setting WAVES Vienna alight in October the German legends return to Vienna once again for another taste of the capital. The band have already announced that the current tour will be the last one for an undefined period of time, so see them while you have the chance.
Local music lovers once again have the chance to pop down to B72 for the monthly Wanna Play Vienna night. Jazz Elephant and FUTURE​:​ART will be taking to the stage this time around.

Tall William @ Jetzt Bar – 22.01

Tall William will be treating Jetzt Bar to his acoustic goodness with an extended show of new and old songs along with the Tall William take on classic doozies. Entry is free.


The cult band from Linz have taken their time to release their 8th album, 7 years to be exact. Well worth checking out, and who knows when the next opportunity will be?


Schall & Rauch Platten are hosting another “Glorreiche 7″ Klub”, the 6th edition with the Riverboat Gamblers and The Forum Walters. Everyone that turns up will be given a free 7″ and the first 43 will get a nice bright colorful one, we can’t think of a better way to welcome gig-goers.
The first edition of the Austrian Artists Night will be in the Pratersauna on Friday night for fans of a more electronic orientation. Ken Hayakawa x Julian und der Fux, Moogle, Laminat and many more will be playing.

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