Ten years of Noise Appeal Records

Noise Appeal-4

Founded in 2003, Noise Appeal Records can look back proudly on 10 successful years of service to the Austrian music scene. With a number of their bands featuring at Eurosonic Noorderslag recently, it is fair to say that the 11th year of the label hasn’t started badly at all. We caught up with them, and found out the ten most important moments of the label over the last ten years.
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1. 11/04/2003
This is the day of our first release, which was FRESNEL – scenario (MCD). So it was kind of the birth of things to come. During the band-label evening get together we were given our first golden record for the unbelievable amount of scenario CDs which were sold. It was a great start to the new chapter in our lives.
2. 02/10/2004
Release #3. UNITED MOVEMENT – introducing the exploration (MCD). Guitarist and singer Peter Balon not only later became a dear friend but also an important part of the  Noise Appeal Records team. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.
3. 25/09/2005
This is the day that we hosted our first ever gig with an international band. They were 27 from Boston and they played in Shelter with ONCE TASTED LIFE supporting. This gig was also the release of the 27/BUG split (LP), which was our first release on vinyl. A big big moment!
4. 08/10/2006
We put on a gig with TORCHE and BARONESS from the USA in Arena’s Dreiraum, the first ever in Austria! The next time BARONESS came they were a lot more well known and ended up selling out their Arena gig. They didn’t fail to mention that they had played around the corner in front of a handful of people the last time they were here. We were once again too early .
5. 16/09/2007
Our back catalogue reached double figures on that day and Noise10, the split 7″ from FRESNEL and VANCOUVER (from Switzerland) came out. This was our second collaboration with a non-Austrian band.


6. 20/06/2008
The STRIGGLES debut expressionism came out on vinyl and CD (the one with the amazing Zippy cover). It was the start of a long and successful cooperation and probably also the start of the Noise Appeal and Graz connection (AUTOMASSAGE, CODE INCONNU, HELLA COMET, ONCE TASTED LIFE, PLAGUE MASS, REFLECTOR, THE STRIGGLES)
7. 22/10/2009
We decided to go down the vinyl-only road and this was the day our last CD release came out. It was REFLECTOR’s Pass album (which is still available to buy on vinyl, but who knows how long for).
8. 15/01/2013
We celebrated 10 years of Noise Appeal Records and decided to make a plan that had been swimming around in our heads for years become a reality. The HP ZINKER Singles Box came out along with the subscription, and a dream came true. 
9. 01/03/2013
SEX JAMS 2nd album came out on vinyl (trouble, honey) and kicked off the most intensive period in the label’s history.
10. 02/09/2013
The last 3rd of 2013 saw us release three albums through Noise Appeal Records, and is the rewarding fruit of a hell of a lot of hard work, and lack of sleep. Within a two month period we brought out FUCKHEAD’s first regular album in 15 years with the Avoid nil LP, SLEEP SLEEP’s debut Gospel and HELLA COMET’s sophomore album Wild Honey.