Spot on Denmark


On Friday, 31st of January, the WUK in Vienna will be welcoming some of the hottest new acts and established bands from the land of Lego for the 5th edition of the “Spot on Denmark” festival, an evening of musical magnificence and Danish debauchery.
As a part of the Spot Denmark festival, this is the opportunity for the rest of Europe to get to know some of Denmark’s best musical acts up close and personal and has been held in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Cologne. The Viennese arm of the festival has quickly developed into one of the most successful, with top acts such as Rangleklods, When Saints Go Machine, Vinnie Who, Darkness Falls, Reptile Youth and The Eclectic Moniker making a major impression over the last few years in front of sold out WUK crowds.
This year’s edition looks like being just as good, and fans will be treated to a world premiere performance. We gave the bands a closer listen, and yes yes yes, it will be good.

Tickets available at for 12 Euros

Slow Celebration

slow celebration

Slow Celebration is what you get when Esben Andersen (Rangleklods) and Reptile Youth’s Mads D. Kristiansen decide to have “fun” and is the result of a random conversation one Saturday morning after meeting in a club. The “Worlds” EP dropped recently, and the duo will be playing for THE VERY FIRST TIME at Spot on Denmark. This could well be one of those “where were you when that happened” moments which you will want to tell your kids.



22 year old singer, producer and songwriter Jenny Rossander aka LYDMOR makes electro-pop with a fragile side.  Her touching voice and emotional lyrics lie softly on a velvet rug of plushly made electro beats which are impossible to resist. It is no wonder that the Copenhagen born talent is in high demand, performing with the likes of  Bottled in England, Bon Homme, Sort Sol, So-so Echo, Amanda Palmer, Alle Farben and more.



Broke seem to be pretty much THE band to love in Denmark right now. Not only can the Danish press not get enough of them, the girl of the moment Mø is also their biggest fan. Mads Bergland and Simon Littauer’s Broke are about contradictions. They linger between unconditional love and explosive anger with a sound which is an uncompromising mix of relentless beats and futuristic psychedelia. Apocalyptic dance and digitalized post-punk.


dad rocks!

Contemporary tractor-music with a hint of cinnamon. Icelandic musician Snævar Njáll Albertsson is the mastermind behind Dad Rocks! and the unique mix of folk, pop and lo-fi with complex guitar-work and anthem-like arrangements should not be missed.


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