Kanoi – Miles Away From Home: Live At Arnbach


We featured Kanoi last year as part of a Split 7″ which was released with Diamond Incarnation. Well since then the man behind the music Benjamin Kantschieder has got himself a live band together and they decided to record their first ever gig.
The album is called  “Miles Away From Home: Live At Arnbach” (Arnbach is apparently somewhere in Osttirol). Recorded on a little handheld recording device the sound is distinctly “bootleg” and has that lovely authentic 60’s sound to it, almost as if the gig is being played in the Bag O Nails of Soho’s swinging 60’s.
Kanoi will be bringing out a studio album this summer on German label “Clostridium Records”, until then check out the live stuff (which is available for free) on the band’s Bandcamp page.