On Repeat – January 2014 – Part 2

On Repeat
Due to the ever-increasing amount of emails SiM is getting from great musicians, artists and promoters from around the world, and the impossibleness of featuring every single band in the fashion that we would like to, we have decided to try and sum up what has been pushing our buttons with a monthy round-up of the best tunes out there.
Our On Repeat playlists are all about pushing new, upcoming and relatively unknown bands which might not have made their way onto your radar this month. While you may find one or two bigger bands in there, this is not going to be full of household names, because, well, they are being played everywhere anyway.
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Between The Suburbs – School Language

Field Music Gitarist David Brewis is once again making use of the bands pause to get back to his School Language project. Between the Suburbs is taken from the  upcoming album Old Fears which is out on 07.04.2014 on Memphis Industries.

Horse Race Colourmusic

Oklahoma / Yorkshire collective Colourmusic’s ‘Horse Race’ is one of many highlights from the new album ‘May You Marry Rich’ due on 24.03.2014. It is a lurching, behemoth groove that asks the question we all need an answer to: ‘do we need Wal-Marts in Heaven’?

IlyushinAllez Bartoli

Electro dream-pop doesn’t get much sweeter than this from Derry-based Emmet Colton and Gregory McGeady.

White Line FeverCari Cari

The Vienna-based duo couldn’t have hoped for a better debut single as White Line Fever has been featured in pretty much every playlist and blog of note. SiM included.

Captured Heart- Be Forest

Beautifully hazy vocals, sleepy melodies and heartfelt lyrics from the Italians. Their next release Earthbeat is out on 04.02.2014.

Kong The Notwist

The new album “Close to the glass” comes out on 25.02.2014 and Kong is another example of the more “livlier” direction the band have chosen to take for their next release. Promising.

Passing Out Pieces – Mac DeMarco

The first track of the upcoming album officially titled Salad Days, which is out on 01.04.2014 via Captured Tracks has a relaxed feel to it which covers the rather dark admittance of lyrics such as “Passing out pieces of me/ You know nothing comes free…What ma don’t know is starting to take its toll”.

Montana – Tycho

You can’t beat a bit of epic electro-instrumental music. For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen, but with the release of Awake – his second LP for Ghostly International – the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. If you like this, then check out Phone Home, who we recently featured.

Silence Is A Gun- The Mary Onettes

Those who waited four years from Islands ’til the follow up, Hit The Waves from last year probably didn’t expect a new album so soon, even if it’s a rather short one. But it is on the way, and inspired heavily by science fiction and an obsession with old photography books, The Mary Onettes release the grand Portico on 04.03.2014.