On a park bench with….. Bo Candy And His Broken Hearts

One of our favourite Austrian bands at the moment Bo Candy and His Broken Hearts are embarking on a mini-tour of Germany today, before they took to the road we caught them to find out their creative cures for hangovers, Judith’s love of the word “sizzle” and the quest to solve that age old discussion – which member of a band is the coolest??


Feb. 03  GER – Berlin – Monarch,
Feb. 04  GER – Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 05  GER – Köln – Gebäude 9  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 06  GER – Frankfurt – Zoom  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 07  GER – Emerkingen – Café Ohne
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Beer or spritzer? Judith: Spritzer for me, please. Ivo: first beer, then spritzer, then a beer again, back to spritzer, …  Julian: Beer in spring and autumn – spritzer in summer! Thomas: Definitely Spritzer, I’m a Burgenländer
If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be?
I: Beastie Boys – ill communication
T: I wish I had been an engineer on Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde sessions
Burgkino or Burgtheater? Jud: The drinks are better at burgtheater. I: You’d rather see me in a cinema than in a theater. Jul: Of course the Burgtheater! T: I was at the Burgtheater once, with Garish, and that’s one time more often than I was at the Burgkino.
Your favourite English word?  Jud: sizzle. I: shizzle
If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?
Jud: Madonna, Der Große Lafer Backen, one of these vampire Twilight films, some Avril Lavigne album (this really is the nightmare island!) T: Yes, I don´t want to be on that island, too. (SiM – Yes, this seems like a horrible, horrible way to be stuck on an Island. Madonna bites – pun intended)
If your music was a flavour, what would it be? Jud: Gin Tonic. I: Sioux City Sarsaparilla. Jul: Tonka Bean. T: Bitter Chocolate
3 songs that have to feature on a 70’s playlist
I:Black Sabbath – Symptom Of The Universe, The Congos – Fisherman, Stevie Wonder – Another Star
Jul: Neil Young – For the Turnstiles , David Bowie – John, I’m Only Dancing, The Rolling Stones – Let It Loose
T: Velvet Underground – Oh, Sweet Nuthin` , The Rolling Stones – Sweet Virgina, Bruce Springsteen – The River
The strangest back-stage area you have ever been to is…….   Jud: 3 m2 directly next to the stage without any privacy, at a festival. I: A Church. Jul: Rider’s Café in Lübeck (Germany). It was on tour with GARISH. A backyard with two big dogs hanging around… One was called Adelheid. T: The most clubs I`ve been to with The Beautiful Kantine Band were so small, they didn`t even have a back-stage area.
Are you a cat or dog person?  Jul: Depends on the pet/animal… in earlier days dog, but more and more cat nowadays… (SiM – This Kreisky video is possibly the best tribute to cats on the Internet ever made)
How do you cure a hangover? Any special remedies?  Jud: If it is not too bad I try strong coffee and hot water with fresh lemon, but if it is bad you will just have to wait 18 hours. I: suffering for a day. Jul: I heard about these pink pills one can buy in the UK… T: Unfortunately not available in Austria!
4 albums you couldn’t live without….
T: The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street, Bob Dylan –  Blonde On Blonde, Dean Martin Sings Country Favorites, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Now I Got Worry
The last book you read was….. Jud: I started “Der Zauberberg” but I have not finished it yet…. I: Will Gompertz – What Are You Looking At? Jul: Silk / Alessandro Baricco. T: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami
Your favourite Bo Candy song is? and Why?
Jud: “Two hearts”, because it reminds me of a gig we played on a ship on Neusiedlersee. I was very hungover that day but somehow it is a nice memory.
I: Always the one, we play for the first time live.
Jul: ‘She Will Be With Him’. I love the way Tom sings this song! And the scream at the end of the song makes me shiver from excitement.
T: Always the one I work on
Lead singer, lead guitarist, bassist or drummer, which is the coolest in a band? Jud: The drummer! I: Always Me. Jul: Usually the bass player. T: I like the guys hiding behind a wall of keyboards. But only in the seventies when they had a wooden Hammond Organ, a Rhodes piano and maybe some sort of analogue synthesizers. They always had the best haircut in the band.
Mama’s cooking or a restaurant? I: Mama’s cooking. Jul: A restaurant which is run by a lovely mother…
Your guilty pleasure (musically) is… 
Jud: Barry Manilow
I: Bitches, Money and Cars.
T: I love German Schlager from the fifties and sixties, but I don’t have a guilty feeling about that.
Your favourite childhood TV show…..
I: Alf
Jul: Wonder Years
T: Knight Rider
(SiM – Wonderful, wonderful memories. Do they still make TV this good for kids/teenagers these days? Or does everything involve a judging panel and the need to show off some kind of “talent”?)
What is currently on your mp3 player/cd player/ record player? 
Jud: Judee Sill – Loping along through the cosmos
I: Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city
Jul: Neil Young
T: Neil Young – After The Goldrush,



Bo Candy and His Broken Hearts will be playing the following gigs in Germany over the next few days before heading to Switzerland and then back to Austria for gigs in the Posthof (Linz) and more.
Feb. 03  GER – Berlin – Monarch
Feb. 04  GER – Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 05  GER – Köln – Gebäude 9  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 06  GER – Frankfurt – Zoom  w/ Ja, Panik
Feb. 07  GER – Emerkingen – Café Ohne
More dates HERE