Bilderbuch @ Brut

The new sound of a generation?


Bilderbuch celebrated their first ever sold out gig in Vienna on Saturday night in Brut. Further proof of the massive leap in recognition and popularity for a band that has been on the brink of “making it big” for a long time. The demand for tickets in Brut was immense, and it is perhaps reasonable to assume that they could have sold out a much bigger venue.
But, as they say, one man’s loss is another’s gain and those that were able to get into Brut were treated to an intimate and astounding gig which was as good as what we have come to expect from the band that has currently been flying the flag for Austrian music across Germany.

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Brut, with its cold concrete walls and minimalistic style was packed to the rafters. Fans spilled out of every corner and balcony as the band came on stage to a setting which felt truly underground. Lead singer Maurice was like a kid in a candy shop as he greeted the crowd, with the excitement and pleasure of playing at “home” clear to see. As is now the norm the band opened with Feinste Seide, a tune which is so unbelievably catchy it should come with a health warning.
Bilderbuch have more hits than people perhaps realize. While a lot of people (including “The Toten Hosen” band members and some of Vienna’s more prominent film and stage stars) may have perhaps been drawn to Brut because of the popularity of Maschin and Plansch,  The quality of their earlier songs such as Joghurt auf der Bluse, Psychiatrie, Lambrusco, and the venomously wicked Kopf ab did not go unappreciated.

“who knows whats going to happen with this t-shirt tonight”

The biggest cheer of the evening was of course reserved for Maschin, and it gave Maurice the opportunity to wear his own bright and bold Maschin merch on stage for the very first time, while teasing the proposal that the one he was wearing might well see a few “things” before the night is over. I wonder where that T-shirt is now?
It was getting very very hot in Brut by the time the band returned to the stage for their encore and the grand finale of a do it yourself sing-a-long to the song of 2013. This was greeted and sung along to with complete dedication from the joyous, sweaty and very sticky crowd.
If Bilderbuch succeed in bringing out a 3rd album which is a good as their last EP, then they could well change the shape of Austrian indie music to come over the next few years, and perhaps even inspire the music of a generation…