Spot on Denmark @ WUK

The fact that the gig even took place is a credit to the organisers and the determination of the bands to put on a show, and to that we raise our glasses!

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Sometimes gigs don’t pan out the way they are planned. An artist might get ill, instruments break or a band just can’t be arsed…. but the likelihood that a gig will be on the brink of cancellation because the vehicle that pulls the plane out of the gate just so happens to hit the nose of said plane, which also has 3 of the 4 bands playing at the event in is a situation which seems more fitting of “Get him to the greek” than real life. This is however, exactly what happened on Friday night at the most recent installment of Spot on Denmark in the WUK.
Just how touch and go it really was revealed upon arrival at WUK, as we heard that their later flight had also been delayed and that Lydmor was going to have to play “a little bit longer than usual”.

Lydmor Love! 

2014-01-31 22.55.09

This was by no means a bad thing. The Copenhagen based performer donned the stage barefoot and looking radiant, and she didn’t need long either to make the crowd fall in love with her awkward mannerisms, and mesmerizing voice. It was a truly entrancing performance, with the heavily produced electro songs feeling just as natural as the tender piano-only tunes from the multi-talent. Expect to be hearing more from Lydmor in the future, and hopefully this will be the first of many performances in Vienna.
It was close to the witching hour before Dad Rocks! had sound checked and were ready to hit the crowd with their political folk pop. While very good in their own right, their performance here didn’t seem to fit the occasion, and they suffered from having to move from being event openers to following on from Lydmor, who had simply raised the bar so high.

Apocalyptically cataclysmic

2014-02-01 01.09.37

The crowd were in the mood to dance after Dad Rocks! and Broke certainly provided the goods. With the lights turned down as much as possible apart from the very necessary they created a wall of sound that was imposingly brilliant and apocalyptically cataclysmic.
To say that the crowd were warmed up for the main act after this would be a major understatement. Slow Celebration needed to put on something special to top Broke, and they didn’t quite do it. This is no criticism of the super group, but merely an acknowledgement to how Broke unsuspectingly stole the show. Slow Celebration went through a short set which had the crazy nature of Reptile Youth, and the classy finesse of Rangleklods. The performance was also a little rough around the edges as you would expect from a debut gig after being stuck in an airport for ten hours… despite this it was well worth the wait to see the world premiere of a band which has a lot of potential. Whether they will get to live out this potential depends on the fortunes of their individual projects.

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The fact that the gig even took place is a credit to the organisers and the determination of the bands to put on a show, and to that we raise our glasses!