Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends @ Chelsea

Joy + frustration and some Buddy Holly.


In terms of pure unadulterated energy, aggression and enthusiasm, Ezra’s gig in Vienna’s Chelsea is up there with the best of them.

It is Sunday night on a rather dreary, dismal excuse for a february day. For most more than enough of an excuse to get the Pj’s out and the TV on. But to the surprise of many late and spontaneous gig goers Ezra Furman is completely sold out.  A few more than relieved fans snap up the last of the tickets on the door and the ominous “sold out” sign is pinned up. This one is going to be tight and sticky.
Local Berlin and Vienna-based band Fesch got the ball rolling as they played their first major slot ahead of the release of their debut EP in April. There were a few distinct nerves  to be seen on stage as the band kicked off their set. It didn’t take long for them to melt into the groove though as a fully bearded lead singer Reiner Reitsamer and the band went through one 60’s laden indie pop tune after another. Their EP will definitely be one to look out for in April.
The turn-out for fesch was healthily full, but by the time Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends took to the stage there wasn’t even enough room to swing a hamster let alone a cat. The Americans took to the stage looking sightedly tired from last few weeks or so of touring, and genuinely taken aback by the outstanding turnout.


“Boyfriends lets just move here and play these chords all night long”

What started as a rather timid and by the books performance soon developed into a free for all musical orgy as the fans and band lost their inhibitions and succumbed to the gravely off-tone voice of the boy next door and his make-shift band of brothers.


A lot of people find it hard to get past Ezra’s unconventional singing voice, but the man knows how to make a tune and how to win the crowd over. Fans dancing the twist on the Chelsea bar? Check. Ezra drifting off into obscure drawling and observations? Check. Girls dunking and spinning imaginary basketballs to “Take off your sunglasses” in one of the most original gig dances in recent times? Check

Vienna you crazy dogs, it’s a Sunday!

We’ve seen many many gigs in Chelsea, but there have been very few that have been able to create the type of feel good “fuck yeah” energy that Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends with their mix of indie rock and roll influenced by joy, frustration and a healthy dose of Buddy Holly managed to create on a Sunday night.
This isn’t the first time Ezra Furman has been to Vienna, and based on this performance it won’t be the last either.