Clemens Band Denk – Aber der Sound ist gut


Do you really need to be the master of your instrument to create good music? Not necessarily. Some of the best music is created in that “developmental phase” of a band. Before the desire to overcomplicate and to prove their new found abilities take over as they head towards the difficult 2nd and 3rd albums.
This song just reminds me of Pablo Picasso by The Modern Lovers. It has that drawling bass line and spoken lyrics as Clemens Denk proceeds to talk about how bad the musicians are, but that the sound is good. The singer cant’t sing, the guitarist can’t play, the bassist has no groove, the drummer can’t keep rhythm and the organist can’t play the tones, but “the sound is good” sings Clemens Denk in this ode to the untalented.
Almost two years after the release of his debut “Lieder”  and the 7″ released in April 2013 comes the third installment of Clemen Denk, this time with a full band. “Aber der sound ist gut” is the first release from Clemens Band Denk which comes out on 11.03 and is a cooperation between Totally Wired Records and Problembär