SQUALLOSCOPE – Desert Pacific Octopi – Free download

© Andreas_Jakwerth
This song has been on heavy rotation in my playlist since it came out, but somehow I haven’t gotten around to posting it on SiM. Shame on me.
Desert Pacific Octopi has an entrancing quality which grows on you as you discover something new to love with every listen.  The track is off the Desert EP which was released at the end of last year on Seayou records.
Squalloscope is an alias of  Vienna based songwriter, producer and artist Anna Kohlweis. She previously released three solo albums under the name Paper Bird between 2006 and 2009. Squalloscope came into being in 2012 with the release of  Soft Invasions, an album based on notes taken from her travel diary. The Desert EP once again joins the artistic elements of the artists as she explores the spoken word, semi-fictitious story telling and multi-layered and experimental musical production.
Get the album and more info here:
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