You might not know them yet……Introducing Young Hare


Young Hare make music to get lost to. At times melancholic, at times heart-warming, but always with feeling and emotion. They have been experimenting with their sound for a number of years, but it seems that with  “Unbreak My Heart” they have finally found the place they have been searching for. If you didn’t know them before, then you certainly will once their album comes out in March on Altin Village & Mine and Unbreakmyheart.
We had the opportunity to ask the Frankfurt-based duo about their life making music and the new album. Check it out below.

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How would you describe your music in ten words? Sunny, deep, rainy, motion, world, cold drink, cheesy, sweet, basil
Where does your band name come from? We had our first show booked without a band name. The promoter had to finish the flyers & posters and of course she had to print a name, so we had to decide that day. We tried everything as an inspiration for band names but in the end we found our band name through the random article function on wikipedia. We didn’t find a name earlier because it never was important for us. The main goal was to find a name that wouldn’t annoy us after a few months, that has worked out so far.
Your debut album “Unbreak my Heart” comes out on March 15th, Where does the album name come from? What can fans expect from the release? The album is named after our label. Marcel asked us to release on Altin Village & Mine, which we were very happy about. That day it was unsure if Sabine (of Unbreakmyheart) would co release our album because of different reasons. Without telling her we decided to name it Unbreak My Heart as a surprise. It is our label ever since our first release. Nevertheless we think this title fits to our albums mood and it’s pop character. The album is gonna be different from our previous releases, more electronic, monotonous. We are very satisfied with it and the development feels right.
Have you ever had your heart broken? Always. But now we are happily unbroken.
What are your music influences? We travel through all kinds of genres and times, all of them inspiring. One of the most important I must say is Michael Jackson. He was a genius and an influence since we were young.
You guys are from Frankfurt am Main. How do you see the German music scene at the minute? Are there any artists we should look out for this year coming from Germany? 
We are very happy to be on Altin Village & Mine, we followed their releases for a long time. They release some of the most interesting artists, working and producing and playing in Germany. The Frankfurt music scene is rather small, everybody knows each other and there are only few venues to put up concerts. It’s like that in most of german cities I guess. It doesn’t bother me anymore and I don’t want to mention it as a bad thing, since it brings along a familiar nature.
What is currently on your MP3 player/Record player/ CD player? Last played on iTunes: Cleo & Patra – Marcus Antonius on the run
What are the 3 essential things you personally need to have with you/around you before you start writing/recording a song? Usually we don’t need anything except of our instruments, but I guess nice food and good drinks before writing a song would make the job easier. I missed the third essential thing.
The record is collaboratively published by Altin Village & Mine and Unbreakmyheart. Why did you decide to go down this road, rather just release on one? We don’t want to drop Unbreakmyheart as a label, Sabine and Marcel share their work, which is probably easier for them anyway. We’re on this road together: why choose one, if you can have both?
What 4 albums could you not live without?
Michael Jackson – Off the wall
Blue Nile – Hats
Wooden Veil – Selftitled
The Smiths – Strangeways, here we come
What can we expect from Young Hare in 2014?  We’re touring Germany in March 2014, beside of this we hope to play a few shows in summer, maybe a little tour in fall. Of course writing new songs, move to a new rehearsal room, stay in shape and be fine.
We’re a Vienna-based blog. What are the chances of seeing you guys in Vienna in the near future? None planned, but we’d love to.



Young Hare will be playing the following shows across Germany in March, if you’re in the area, go check them out.
07.03. – Berlin @ About Blank
08.03. – Rostock @ Jaz
09.03. – Potsdam @ KuZe
10.03. – Köln @ Gold + Beton with Urban Homes
11.03. – Nürnberg @ K4 with Urban Homes
12.03. – Ulm @ Club Eden with Urban Homes
13.03. – Freiburg @ Slow Club with Urban Homes
14.03. – Trier @ Villa Wuller with Urban Homes
15.03. – Offenbach @ Robert Johnson with Urban Homes, Roman Flügel, Simian Mobile Disco