TtSaD special: Teenbeat Club = 7 with Crystal Stilts


Teenbeat Club turns 7!! on Thursday and to celebrate they are bringing the brilliant Brooklyn based Crystal Stilts back to Vienna for a good old party bash. Teenbeat Club has been consistently getting top quality bands to come to Austria over the years, something which is not an easy feat. It is a sign of the popularity of the music and commitment of TBC that they have been able to enrich the Viennese music scene for so many years, and let’s hope it continues for years to come!
We caught up with the head of Teenbeat Club Concerts Markus Gratzl to find out about his best and strangest Teenbeat moments as well as what we can expect from TBC in the future.

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Teenbeat turns 7 next week. What was the very first Teenbeat concert, who played and where was it? Was it top or flop?
TBC started as DJ club night for 60s garage punk and soul with a little touch of indie music related to that decade in Krems (Avalon Exil Club). From time to time to push the club nights bands played there for free. Mostly 60s indie rock influenced bands like Stereoface or the Staggers from Austria. SMGC (later on our label) also played one of the first TBC. Unsurprisingly SMGC were great. It was top! haha
What would you say has been your favourite Teenbeat gig over the years? Or perhaps the top 5?  
Top 5 in no particular order….It is hard to say but these are the top 5 for me: Caribou (fluc, 2010); Allo Darlin (rhiz, 2012); Tame Impala (fluc 2012); Dark Dark Dark (wuk foyer, 2013); Sado Maso Guitar Club (chelsea, 2014)
What has been the strangest Teenbeat gig so far? Have there been any bands which turned out to be “divas” regarding their rider, the venues etc?
Yes there are some funny stories to tell. Nothing really bad but funny afterwards I think. Jens Lekman at Odeon in 2011 is a good example: it wasn’t Lekman himself who was a diva but more or less the management which asked me to get daisies on a bank holiday in winter the day before the concert! You can’t believe how hard it is to get daisies in winter! Oh and of course they told me to get a particular kind of tea brand which was also impossible to get in any shop in Vienna. The first  meeting with my buddies The Wave Pictures was also pretty strange. For the first concert in Vienna (I think I have promoted them 4 times now) we had to change the venue from Chelsea to Rhiz two hours before doors due to an electricity cut. As if this wasn’t enough I lost the band while they were out for dinner! Oh and yes another funny thing was Yelle from France. One hour before the show we noticed that we needed a US to EU power converter to get their equipment running. So I had to travel from B72 to Szene in order to get that fucking thing!
If money, organization etc was no object, which band would you love to bring to Vienna for a Teenbeat gig? And where would you have them play?
I have tried to bring Belle and Sebastian to Vienna several times. We had some serious discussions about it twice but in the end it failed on the venue or on my offer. I’m also a big Brian Jonestown Massacre fan and I would really love to bring them to Vienna. Although they have already been here, haven’t they? I’m in touch with the right people I guess if I really wanted to do this. And if this were to happen then it would maybe be the last Teenbeat Club… How could you top your motivation after getting your most favorite band?
Crystal Stilts are playing Teenbeat = 7, what are you most looking forward to about this gig?
Oh yes meeting the guys again, of course. Last time they were in Vienna we went out and ate Schnitzel. My “Schnitzel” homies seem stuck in the same situation as TBC is. Which is that doing things for just a minor but very interested crowd isn’t enough to cover the costs of living. Therefore it’s a relaxed situation when you meet each other again as you won’t face tough negotiations about costs anyway.  Oh and the second part is that the teenbeat team is proud to sell our handmade tote bags for the first time. I really forgot how many bands we have had over the last seven years.
You will be selling Teanbeat tote bags to celebrate the 7th birthday, tell us a little bit about the design.
Hmm we wanted to combine the overall artists billing we had in the last seven years in a certain “stylish” way. I hope the people like it and we sell all of them as this would help us to invest into new artists. It is definitely a must have 🙂
Any plans for the summer in terms of gigs? A Teenbeat summer festival perhaps?
Yes indeed. I just got the confirmation for POND. A overwhelmingly psychedelic act from Australia. Simply put you could say that they are a side project of Tame Impala. Of course they aren’t, though! Although their music is similar to Tame’s one and Tame is much more popular I would describe POND as following: TAME IMPALA sound with balls, heavy balls.  For a Teenbeat Sommerfest this time we are also planning on having a BBQ event there right before the concert. We are working on that and I hope it works out. With our twee events and the curation of the cinema events in Krems we are fully engaged anyway. If you can’t do the biggest acts then you have to concentrate on unique things. All the more because we are all doing it for fun while trying to implement something unique in Vienna. I hope this will be understood by the music scene in a certain way.