Crystal Stilts @ Chelsea


Sometimes the public transport sytem in Vienna is the best there is. Sometimes it is the Opernball… on these kind of occassions all important overground transport comes to a standstill, so Kim Kardashian can get drooled on by Richard Lugner. it is on days like this that you very nearly miss the start of the only reason you bothered to put your jeans back on to venture into the night sky, to see Crystal Stilts in Chelsea.
Celebration was on the cards as Teenbeat Club toasted 7 years of promoting good music in Vienna, a feat which shouldn’t be taken for granted. We chatted to Markus Gratzl ahead of the gig, here is what he had to say


Luckily enough the band started artistically late as is the norm which allowed me to beer up and find a suitable place to view the proceedings. Lead singer Brad Hargett was doing his best Liam impression tonight as he swaggered on to the stage oozing Bravado. Thankfully the likeness ended there as his conversation with the crowd began with hello and ended with thanks. No gestures of grandeur or “tits out for the lads”.

Crystal Stilts

What mattered tonight was the music, and it was a solid hour of no holds barred indie rock and shoe gaze. There is a marked difference between the old and new stuff, with the latter being much more reserved and reclusive than the energetic, rhythmically charged 1st album. There was a healthy mix of both tonight as they dallied through the best of both worlds, sparking dance and shoe gaze in equal doses.

Why are all gig venues in Vienna under train tracks?

A valid question from the more vocal keyboard player Kyle. For bands playing in Vienna, especially American ones, it must be a rather strange experience. But an experience that most seem to enjoy, Crystal Stilts included. The band are not known for their joyful take on life, but they certainly seemed more than happy up there on stage as they let their music do the talking. Sometimes this is exactly what you need and want from a band. No frills, no gimmicks, no PR machine, just 5 blokes, their instruments and a tour bus full of tunes. Here’s to a few more years of Teenbeat!