Soia & We Walk Walls @FM4 Studio 2

2014-02-26 20.40.49

The exclusive few that won tickets for the Soundpark Studio 2 session with Soia and We Walk Walls were treated to two very contrasting performances from artists that couldn’t be any further apart on the spectrum. Soia can safely be put in the soul spectrum of the scale. The viennese singer-songwriter started the evening with her full band assembly and it was a tight musical performance given the fact that they only had 4 weeks notice to prepare for a set which required the addition of extra musicians. From the first moment on one thing was absolutely certain. This girl can sing.
There was a very laissez-faire attitude to the singer who she seemed far from over-awed by the occasion and opportunity. The take it as it comes attitude of the band was emphasized as she proceeded to describe their 2nd song Layers as “something they wrote a few weeks ago, which is proper good”. If we had had sofas, shisha and a sea view while sipping on an ice cold cuba libre then this would have been perfect.
In contrast to Soia proceedings did not completely go to plan for We Walk Walls. It has been a rather whirlwind year for a band that has required little over twelve months to go from relative unknowns to being in the last five for the FM4 Amadeus Award. Their dramatic rise to popularity is not surprising however. We Walk Walls make indie-pop which is instantly accessible and enjoyable from the off.  The band has an ability to create catchy tunes which refuse to leave your head, and why would you want them to?

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“just do it again at the end”

Lead singer Patricia Ziegler’s vocals proved to be a little too strong for the fm4 monitors after the first song resulting in a few ad hoc alterations and some rather nervous grumblings from the band. “just do it again at the end” was the suggestion from the FM4 team….there was only one problem, the band didn’t get that far.
After a number of very good but rather nervously played songs which reveal how much potential is within this band (critical masses, Goodlands, Curiosity doesn’t suit you well to name but a few), guitarist’s Silvio Haselhof guitar decided to give up the ghost and the dreaded broken string came into play halfway through their penultimate song. Bands usually come prepared for this kind of thing, and a lovely red piece of work lay waiting in the sidelines for its time to shine, sods law prevailed however and it turned out that his second guitar was also broke. This lead to some head scratching from Silvio and some rather decent impromptu cabaret from Patricia. The band battled through the last song with gritted teeth and 5 strings but unfortunately the “play the first song again at the end” turned into “play it next time”….
This is not the way We walk walls would have hoped for this night to go, but hey ho, shit happens. They will have plenty of chances to impress this year, and impress they will.
The soundpark session will be available to listen to on FM4 Homebase on Wednesday night between 19-22. Videos and the full broadcast will also be available online on the same day.
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