On Repeat – February 2014 – Part Two

On repeat_0314
Our inbox was smoking in February due to the amount of hot music coming in. Here are the tunes that got our musical juices flowing in the shortest month of the year. The rules are simple, only music which has somehow found its way to us through our various channels gets into the list, so if you want to be in the March edition, contact us through the following: Facebook/// Twitter /// Soundcloud  and of course email substanceismeaningless@gmail.com.


The Beth Edges – Pure Dynamite
The band have been busy in the studio recently recording their new album after getting the funds together to produce it via crowd funding on Indiegogo, and this is the first glimpse at what we can expect. This track is infectiously good from the very first beat and it will most certainly be doing the rounds in most indie clubs of note over the next few months. If this track is anything to go by then the new album is definitely going to be one to look out for.
Annasaid – Collision
If you like early Foals stuff then this is right down your street. Collision is the first single off the Danish band’s forthcoming album ‘Rite De Passage’ which will be released on April 28th.
Labyrinth Ear – Crescent Moon
The London-based band continue to make Fantasia pop of the highest calibre and Crescent Moon is no different. Their latest album The Orchid Room out on the 14 April 2014, and can be pre-ordered here 
Gold Spectacles are a baroque-pop duo based in London. Their debut release “Steal You Away” came out on the 25th January 2014 and it is a dreamy piece of beach pop which just brings a smile to your face.
A balladeer of uncertain origins who specializes in tales of love, heartbreak and death… The night we almost fell in love takes us back to those teenage days of stolen kisses behind the bike shed and teary eyed broken hearts. Great stuff.
Doomsquad – Waka Waka 
Dark new agers Doomsquad re-code the electronic music narrative with a more worldly and cosmological presence than the genre would normally dictate. If you like music like SUUNS, then this is for you. The Canadian dark new trio released their debut album ‘Kalaboogie’ on February 25th via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN/USA) & No Pain In Pop (UK/EU)
Meanwhile – Luvletta
Meanwhile’s music is a heady mix of the escapist and the everyday, the familiar with the strange and new.  First offering ‘Luvletta’ contrasts lyrics of infatuation and conflict with futuristic funk, juddering synths and big beats and it sounds A LOT like early Prince.
Color War – I Like It This Way 
Brooklyn duo Color War  make moody, emotional electro music to let your inner dark side take control. “I Like It This Way” is the third single from the album It Could Only Be This Way, out on March 4th on Four Horsemen Records.
Salt Cathedral – Good Winds 
Another band from Brooklyn with a similar dark tone to Color War. Salt Cathedral are letting the music do all the talking at the minute, with very little information available about them, apart from the fact that used to be called Il Abanico….
Twin Beasts – Sweet Marie
Sweet Marie is the second single from Twin Beasts (formerly The Toot Toot Toots) upcoming album Badlove, which is set to be released on April 24th. Not quite a love song, Sweet Marie is a poppy, ELO inspired track about an infatuated peeping tom. It has that merry, happy feeling to it despite the rather sexually tragic lyrics of the song itself.
White Royal – FALSE WIDOW
This one feels like the last song they play in those American high school films where the ugly girl who actually turns out to be beautiful just by taking off her glasses finally gets to dance with the jock with “emotions”. It’s the last song on the playlist, so grab your loved one, turn the disco ball on to “smooch” and feel the love that is oozing from the vocals in this great little tune.

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