Candice Gordon – Sound Of Horns


Sound of Horns is Candice Gordon’s second single from her debut EP Before the Sunset Ends, produced by Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan and released last summer to critical acclaim. The Berlin-based singer is no stranger to Austria, playing in Linz, Graz and Vienna at the end of last year with a tour in 2014 most likely as well. Her music has found it’s place in the dark end of the indie spectrum, somewhere between Patti Smith and Nick Cave, although the EP has elements of folk tales and even texmex, as she describes its sound as “Ennio Morricone meets the Brothers Grimm”. Check out the hyper psychedelic video below.
Music has been the one constant in her transient biography from busking on the streets of Dublin and Montpellier, to travelling with a circus in Croatia and Turkey playing in the circus band. While playing in rock and roll bands in Dublin, her day job was juggling in nightclubs. This is where she met Shane MacGowan who would later produced her debut EP, which she wrote while living in a squat in London.