On a park bench with………..Dawa

© Pertramer
© Pertramer
Dawa  have the ability to make you feel at home wherever you are with their music. Their 2013 debut album “This Should Work” was greeted with open arms by the music community and they have generated a loyal and dedicated fan base through their elegant, experimental and tender sounds. We caught up with singer and percussionist Barbara Wiesinger to tell us about perfect Sundays, strange gigs, the demise of the Die Hard series and Adrien, ah sorry, Adam Brody.
The band will be playing on the 13th of March at Garage X aka Jeunesse X (which is already sold out!!). They have plenty more planned for the year however, so check them out on the following:
Facebook /// Soundcloud /// Website /// Lasvegas Records 


Beer or spritzer? Depends on the mood. We mostly drink beer and red wine on stage but if you reach the time of the evening when there is no more space for beer, there’s always the spritzer to save you 😉
Spring, summer, autumn or winter, what is your favourite season? Mine is autumn, because of all of those nice colours of nature and everything kind of slows down. But spring is nice aswell as everything grows and blossoms and you get the feeling of new energy in your veins when you take a deep breath.
A song you would love to cover is…. I think it would be quite interesting to cover “How will I know” by Whitney Houston, because it has such sad lyrics and it deserves to be sung in a sad way. But I haven’t been able to convince the others yet…
Music Express or Rolling Stone? Music Express, sometimes Rolling Stone too. Depends on the interviews that they have. But the ME has got more stuff from our area, but I disagree with their album reviews sometimes.
If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you? I probably would try to swim off the island if there was HC Strache (he’s not a celebrity but he just came to my mind), I’d be happy for any book, “A Good Day To…” Die Hard, it used to be a classic, but every phase has an end and part five was the biggest waste of time EVER. Luckily I had some beer before and my friends to talk to during the movie. Album? I would freak out if I had to listen to anything from Rosenstolz or Sarah Connor.
Playing outdoors or indoors, which is more fun? Outdoors, as long it’s not too cold. But if the location is beautiful I like playing indoors as well of course.
Your celebrity crush is….. oh well, embarrassing to admit but maybe Adam Brody & Brandon Boyd. When I was younger I would have said Daniel Johns. Why? Do I have to explain? Look at them! The thing for Adam Brody is probably to blame on Seth Cohen and the bands “he listens” to (for example Death Cab, which I love). (SiM – I always get Adam and Adrien Brody mixed up, Adam is the one that did Predators, right?)
Your favourite district in Vienna is….  Well I don’t really have a favourite, but if I have to decide I’d probably say, the 18th (my “hood”), you can walk up to the Türkenschanzpark, it’s not too far from the city centre so you can walk home at night if you have to and there are some nice cafès and stuff. Last but not least the farmers market at the Kutschker Markt every Saturday.
Your perfect Sunday involves….a long sleep and chillin’, probably a walk, a movie/concert/exhibition or maybe a brunch with friends.
3 songs that HAVE to be in a playlist about Austrian music…..
Well I’d say The Intensive Alibi from Across The Delta,
„Nowhere Train“Nowhere Train
But there are WAY more than three, I hate when things are limited when it comes down to music :/ there’s so much talent out there in Austria. Like Bauchklang, Staggers, My Name Is Music, Maur Due & Lichter, Nowhere Train, ALASAC, Clara Luzia, Bernhard Eder, Fijuka, Steaming Satellites, Francis Int. Airport, Velojet, Austrofred/Kreisky, (as he lives in VIE:) Trouble Over Tokyo/ SOHN and the old ones like Worried Men Skiffle Group, Kurt Sowinetz, Sigi Maron etc.
A word you use far too often…..oder?
Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus – If you had to choose one… Miley but no tongue-lickin’-image bullshit.
Regardless of whether you like to dance or not, we all have a few songs which get those dancing juices flowing. what is yours?
Depends on the party/location:
Temple Of LoveSisters Of Mercy
If I want to do some headbanging then there is Killing in the name ofRATM, New NoiseRefused.
More “danceable” is probably: Apply Some PressureMaximo Park, Sky & Sand/AaronPaul Kalkbrenner, Radar Detector – Darwin Deez, TransmissionJoy Division and actually Happy by Pharell Williams – but there are WAY more.
What is currently on your mp3 player/cd player/ record player? Shearwater and The Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack.
A venue/festival you would love to play at … Anything in Wiesen and as we are already playing there again this summer: Acoustic Lakeside. Oh and if I could aim high, I’d say Red Rocks Venue.
The strangest thing that has ever happened while playing a gig is…
We were playing the Dialog Im Dunkeln and we were already in the “hall” as the guides led the audience into the room. We were told that it wouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes or something. so we started the intro but no one came to tell us that everyone was in now so we played and played and it felt like ages. What we didn’t know: there were some discussions going on on the outside so it was like 10 minutes more than usual and that was strange, as you don’t see ANYTHING and you can’t tell how many people are in the room.
If your music was a flavor, what would it be and why? I’d say it’s something you can’t really tell what it is exactly. It’s smooth, it’s sweet but also a little bitter with a hint of chili and you get addicted if you have too much of it 😉
Your favourite piece of clothing is…… my 1950s dresses from London.
What can we expect from Dawa in 2014? There is A LOT coming up! The Gig at the Garage X/Jeunesse X in march, our first Tour in Germany (1st – 11th of May) and some cosy festivals in Austria this summer as Acoustic Lakeside, On The Rocks, Picture On etc. We also want to hit the studio for a second album in autumn and a special project we’re planning but not “allowed” to talk about yet.