The Beth Edges – The Beth Edges

beth edgesIt has been 7 years since the band first took the music industry by storm. Two albums and a few EPs later the dust has settled. The once new young darlings of the Austrian music scene find themselves waking up as self-proclaimed outlaws in a very different part of town, crowd-funding their way to glory by shunning major funding in favour of the loyalty of their fans.

The edges have sharpened, and their jagged audacity is about to make you bleed for your sins.

Their self-titled third album sees the band return in a different mood to when we last heard them, and in a different formation as well. Ex-Bilderbuch drummer Andreas Födinger has joined the gang. They are older, wiser, more world-weary, and this is evident in the songwriting, which is markedly more mature and articulated than previous attempts. Musically however the band have thankfully not lost their knack of making good ‘ol knee slapping indie-pop tunes.  Which can be found here in abundance.

“That was a hell of night”

The album begins in a slightly hungover state, as the band reminisce about the night before in “Dallas, TX” … a look back at the good old days perhaps?  What follows is a tour through the new, darker and western influenced world of The Beth Edges as they deal with femme fatales, stolen fantasies, lost dreams and saying goodbye.
“Le Saloon” is possibly the most addictive piece of 1 minute 35 seconds instrumental music you will hear.  In “Pure Dynamite”, the bands first release off the album, they have written a song which will undoubtedly become one of the anthems of the year. It is unrelentingly catchy as it strides in through the saloon doors of your eardrums, sits down in the corner, orders a beer and tells the barman to fuck off when asked to leave.

“I will never go back, I won’t say goodbye”

With this 3rd album The Beth Edges have managed to create a collection of songs which delve into the realm of Juxtaposition. Both solemn and uplifting, undoubtedly danceable but also truly heartfelt. It is without doubt their best work to date.
The album ends where it started in reminiscent form. The hung over rose tinted look at the night before has dissipated and all that is left is for the band to draw a line under that chapter. “I will never go back, I won’t say goodbye” sings lead singer Toby in this 6 minute ode to letting go while riding off into the unknown but most certainly bright future.
The album comes out TODAY and can be bought at their album release party TONIGHT in Vienna’s Flex.
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The Beth Edges will be celebrating the release of the album in Flex tonight and will also be playing the following gigs
15.03- Roeda – Steyr
20.03 – Kino im Kesselhaus – Krems
21.03 – Weekender – Innsbruck
22.03 – Stereo – Klagenfurt
28.03 – PPC – Graz
29.03 – Beck’s  – Zwettl/Rodl