Monsterheart – W

When you get sent an album from an artist with a name like Monsterheart then you would normally expect to strap yourself down and prepare to get your eardrums smashed in by some heavy metal madness.
This isn’t the case when it comes to the music made by Anna Attar.  Her debut album W is the first sign of life in two years from the artist who has lived in Los Angeles, Berlin, Tel Aviv and now calls Vienna home. Monsterheart gives us a quirky take on the morbid as her helplessly joyful voice sings about wicked witches, the afterlife, big bad wolves and erm bunny rabbits….

The music is delightfully delectible, teasingly depressing while also being uncontrollably jovial at the same time.

Bunny rabbits in my head!

The album starts with dramatic organ tones and the deathly synths of “Woon”. What follows is a collection of moody, spooky and humorously nightmarish tunes which will have you hooked from the very start.
The dramatic dances headfirst into the absurd in the form of “Bunnies”, 3 and half minutes of kookiness and an unashamedly addictive little fluffy monster. The heartbreaking tale of romance in “Without Eyes” will make you feel like a child being read a fantastic fairytale while “Oh death”, the first single released off the album is a chillingly dark cover of an old American ode.
Monsterheart is an example of another musically talented and powerful female artist released on Seayou records (see Fijuka, Squalloscope). Recorded in the ruins of Berlin, it is a wild Jekyll and Hyde battle between her double personas of glam graveyard pop and gloomy temperament. W is electro/synth pop for super modern age, none more so than one of the stand-out tunes off the album “West”, a western tale of survival in the outback accompanied by a playful bouncing beat and deadly vocals.
It may have been a long time in coming, but this debut has been well worth the wait.  An unashamedly addictive little monster of an album!


Monsterheart will be playing at the Viper Room on the 27th of March to celebrate the release of W.
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