Things to see and do – 25.03 – 31.03

Music on film will be a major dominating consumer of your time this week as the Poolinale takes place in Vienna along with some pretty special gigs, shows and parties.

CLUB NOLABEL // The Veins + Silent Grey + MARTA & At Pavillon DJ-Set@ B72- 24.03

Another top quality line-up as we have come to expect from Club Nolabel. It will be a rock-orientated night this time as The Veins, Silent Grey and MARTA take to the stage. Definitely worth checking out.
The first of the musical must-see films also takes place on Tuesday night with possibly the greatest mockumentary of all time. This is Spinal Tap.





Goldsoundz will be celebrating the release of their album “Relations” at Flex Cafe on Wednesday with the 4th edition of Nachtflug. Games shows, Djs and all sorts of fun to be had.
If it wasn’t sold out then we would be pleading with you to go check out Rodriguez at the Stadthalle, but it is sold out, so we will just plead with you to watch the film if you haven’t seen it already. It is being shown at the Poolinale on Sunday afternoon




Monsterheart’s music is delightfully delectible, teasingly depressing while also being uncontrollably jovial at the same time. The fantastic debut album “W” is set to come out on the 4th of April and to celebrate the release the artist will be playing at the Viper Room.

Check out our review of the album HERE and head on down to check it out for yourself.

Helfer will be playing at Porgy and Bess on Thursday night as well to celebrate the official opening of the Poolinale Film Festival after the premiere of Fuck The Atlantic Ocean, another film which is well worth watching if you get the chance. 



 Ana Threat and Kate Kristal’s new project  Kristy and the Kraks will be celebrating the release of their new EP at the 11th edition of Accordia, the Austrian record club, in Rhiz on Friday night. It will be low-fi, punky and probably rather brief with the new EP clocking in at only ten minutes. 300 prints are available of the new vinyl, so don’t wait too long for your purchase.

WhoMadeWho@ Brut – 31.03

We have to admit that SiM has developed a real soft spot for Danish bands and generally bands from the up there where it is a bit colder. WhoMadeWho’s brand of indie-disco dance is impossible to not shake your tail feather to. Their new album Dreams came out at the start of this month and it will be a perfect way to shake off the weekend’s hangover and get the Monday moves out.

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