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beth edges
The Beth Edges have been busy touring Austria on the back of their excellent 3rd album and they managed to find a bit of time to answer our questions about the most important things in life – superpowers, porn star names, Clint Eastwood and hating Nickelback of course.

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Beer or spritzer?  Fö: I have to admit that I’m a rather elitist Spritzer type of guy. I don’t care about the shape, the colour, the smell, the taste, whatever – as long as it’s a Spritzer, I’m on for it. Preferably, more than one.
Toby: I like both. I start with beer and once I get tired I switch to spritzer which always seems to get me going again.
Describe your music in less than 5 words……. Fö: Exhausting, energetic, mystifying, emotional aaand: the answer to all the questions of life. Toby: emotional is good. It’s very angry at some points too. I’d also describe it like a journey, from a somehow dark and withdrawn place to a very open and bright space. Catchy but still not easy.
If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be? Fö: It would have been the album that defined my youth and is still a trusted companion: The Killers – Sam’s Town; their second one, recorded with wizards Alan Moulder and Flood, who had previously worked with PJ Harvey and Pink Floyd, for instance. The band must have been put under so much pressure and I would have loved to experience the one single second when the recording of “When you were young” was finished. That mustn’t have been a stone, but an entire rock that fell from their hearts.
Toby: ‘Is this it’ by The Strokes. One of the most defining records in modern rock history. Simply the fact that they’ve not decided to record it with well-known producers in tiptop studios in London but in a small cellar where they’d already recorded their first demos is quite fascinating. It sounds so dirty but so sweet at the same time. My favourite song’s “Trying your luck”. Though it’d be amazing, I’m quite glad I have not written that one, cause I’m sure I’d have a different relationship to it then.
John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Who would win in a gun fight?  Fö: I’d go for Clint Eastwood. He’s far more sexy than John Wayne. John Wayne’s too masculine, not as handsome as Clint. Clint would shoot the shit out of John.
If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?
Fö: The person that would make me puke in the initial hours of a morning is probably Chad Kroeger. It must be hell to wake up beside him and have filaments in your mouth, from what he uses to call his “haircut”. If Chad started to sing, I’d call Clint Eastwood to finish off the job. When it comes to album, my answer is the complete back catalogue of Nickelback. Furthermore, the book that would crank up my desire to drown myself into the deep blue ocean next to the island, would be Chad Kroeger’s scrapbook or the little booklet in which he spits his ideas in.
Toby: Haha. Yep, to have anything Nickelback-ish on that Island would be gruesome.  Though he might be a clever person, I’d go mad if I was stuck there with Moneyboy. And if he’s already written a book, which is not that far-fetched I feel, I’d certainly not dislike that too. I’d be sad if the only movie I brought would be some modern cheesy Hollywood American college love story. Most of them are crap. Concerning the album, I’d kill myself if I had to listen to some Mallorca Ballerman greatest hits shit. They can be good fun if you had like 20 beers, but for a lonely Island I’d need something more serious.
What is the best way to cure a hangover?  Fö: As we were getting older and wiser over the years, I’ve witnessed several actions and features of my body when it comes to binge drinking: there is no cure to a hangover. You’ll just have to get through it. Close your blood-shot eyes, take an eensy-weensy sip of a glass of fresh ORGANIC water (which you’ve, wisely enough, bought in hundreds) from Billa and let yourself float around.
Toby: For me only sleep seems to help. loads of sleep! And a hearty breakfast with friends who are hung over too haha… sharing the pain.
We all have a porn star name. Take the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on, what would yours be?  Fö: Mozart Schulstraße. Does that sound like a decent pornstar to you?  Toby: Mozart haha… completely naked with a wig. (SiM – This is the only thing I can think about these days when I hear the name Mozart. If you haven’t read the book or got to see the show, then buy the book!)
Your favourite bar in Vienna is……Fö: There’s nothing better to enjoy a wrecking and mouth-splashing Swimming Pool Cocktail at Point Of Sale, in the pulsing heart and soul of Vienna – the fourth district. Toby: There are loads of great bars in Vienna… hard to pick one. The first one that comes to my mind right now is the Charlie P’s, cause we were there twice last weekend. It’s owned by a good friend of ours and they’ve got great beer and amazing food. I really fell for that place. You should definitely check out their menu, it’s brilliant. (SiM – We concur, they do a mean fish and chips, and the burger isn’t that bad either – hungry already?)
Your guilty pleasure (musically) is….. Fö: Admittedly, I’m reeeally into glimmering and shiny pop music from the 80’s. ABBA’s “Super Trooper” ranks, when it comes to songwriting skills and alternative arrangement techniques, extraordinarily high in my all-time charts. Though ABBA’s not a real guilty pleasure, is it? Toby: Man, ABBA is the shit! I love them!
If you could have one super power what would it be Fö: Doesn’t everyone of us dream to have X-ray vision? Toby: and beaming… beaming would be awesome!
The craziest gig you ever played was……. Fö: Actually, every single gig is crazy. At least that’s what I think, when I look at it from a levelheaded and mundane perspective.
3 songs that would have to be in your ultimate 00’s playlist…
Fö: The Killers – Sam’s Town: Pure energy, a beefy and frantic Brandon Flowers and the perfection of drumming by Ronnie Vannucci, all packed into a 4-minute piece of art.
The Shins – Simple Song: Probably my all-time favourite. I don’t understand how James Mercer can write such hooks and address my heart directly and without obstacles.
Blur – Out Of Time: Everything Damon Albarn puts his hands on, turns into gold. That man’s a sheer miracle. A modern Johann Sebastian Bach, really.
Which member of the band has the most annoying habit?  Fö: I do have to say that we love one another. Therefore, all of these little ticks and flaws are something that defines a person. I’m not annoyed by anyone of them. Toby: That’s sweet. But you’re right. We’ve got loads of neuroses and strange phases, but that’s who we are. Got used to that. Without them it’d be just boring.
Favourite 80’s film is…… David Lynch’s Blue Velvet knocks me off my feet. I love the way he settles his story around suburban America and the way he assorts his pictures. Quite innovative, I think.
Your favourite piece of clothing is…… why?  Fö: I’m pretty much into denim jackets. I’ve picked up an old Alexander McQueen one in Brick Lane Market, London. The thing is, I’m so stingy and overcautious, I hardly put it on. Toby: I bought some nice leather boots not long ago. Whenever I put them on, I feel so differently. Good shoes are important.
What is currently on your mp3 player/cd player/ record player?  Fö: My dad taught me musically, I picked up his obsession and fanatism with vinyl, therefore, I try to listen to music solely on vinyl. What I’m exploring at the moment, is the unexploited genius Bruce Springsteen. “No surrender” somehow describes my current emotions and my current life. Toby: I really enjoy the debut album by the Temples. It’s got a really nice vibe. Would go for the vinyl too.
A song you would love to cover….. and why?
Fö: I’d love to get my hands on “Hey Brother” by Avicii. Although you may laugh, I’m confident that this song is, stripped down, an absolute classic piece and decent piece of songwriting. I love the vocal harmonies in the chorus. Gives me the chills.
Toby: Oh come on, no. You know I can’t stand that song. But yeah why not.. could at least make it a decent song then haha, sorry man.
Austria Vienna, Sportklub, Rapid or First?  First Vienna Football Club! Pride of Döbling.
Your celebrity crush is……… why?  Fö: Scarlett Johansson. Do I really have to go into more detail? Toby: Melanie Laurent is pretty awesome. Enjoy all of her films.
What can we expect from the Beth Edges for the rest of 2014? We’re planning to take over the world. Let’s see if it works out, then. 😉