You might not know them yet…… A chat with Annasaid


We have made no secret here on SiM of our soft spot for bands from “up north” and their seems to be an endless supply of good music coming out of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the rest. Annasaid is the next band that has caught our attention, we featured them on our “Best of February” post, and decided we wanted to get to know a bit more about them. We caught up with drummer Andreas Boesig, who told us all about the band and who Anna actually was…

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There seems to be a great deal of decent music coming out of Denmark at the minute. Why is that? Is there something in the water at the moment?
I think that the general Danish musician see himself as independent and not controlled by genres and traditions. This leads to a lot of different artists each with their own genre that they believe in, which gives Denmark more horses to play on. I also believe that our society supports musicians and culture in general. This means that artists can get economical and other kinds of support.
How would you describe your music in ten words?
 A high energy experience with substance and cool hip moves
 Where does your band name come from? What exactly did Anna say?
Actually a pretty weird story. Martin had a friend who was called Anna. She really badly wanted to be a part of the band, but had no talent for playing anything at all. So Martin promised to find another way for her to be a part of the band.
What made you guys start making music? How did you come into being?
Martin, our lead singer, started writing his own songs already in 2005 and needed someone to play along with him. At that time he was actually most inspired by acts like Foo Fighters and The Calling. Who would have imagined we would end up playing what we do with such a start! Emil, our guitarist, and I eventually joined the band in 2011 – when it really took off with more gigs, and more touring. Two of the original members left the band, as they could not keep up with the pace that Annasaid was moving in and wanted to focus more on their studies. So here we are – ready with, what is actually my debut-album though it’s not the debut of Annasaid.
You’ve played around Europe a fair bit, what has been the best venue and where would you love to play this year?
We are so lucky to have played a lot of great places, but i must admit that, to me, in general, Holland is my absolute favorite. It seems that people in Holland are more curious and willing to go to concerts with bands they hardly know. My favorite Annasaid concert is in Hamburg though. In 2011 we played at a festival called “Dockville”in Hamburg. It had been pouring rain the whole day, and we were terrified that no people would show up, and of the big stage that we were going to perform on. But eventually a lot of people show up, standing there with their raincoats and umbrellas, and actually knowing some of our songs – it turned out to be a big experience for us.
What are your musical influences?
We are of course, each of us, influenced by a lot of different artists, but I think we can agree on a couple. Live, we try to be as energetic as possible and to give people a unique experience, as bands like Mutemath and Friendly Fires do. In our songwriting i think we try to surprise people and transfer our personalities in to the songs, like Foals and Queens of the Stone Age. We strive to make the songs as fun to play, listen to and watch as possible.
A song from Annasaid which we HAVE to listen to and why?
I’m really happy with all of our new songs actually, but if you only had 3 minutes, I would choose “Diamond Heart”. It was one of the first songs we wrote when we started thinking about the second album, and it still kind of holds that energy from the first days. We ended up agreeing on not using the song, because a wave of very different songs came up, and it just didn’t fit in. It came back to us as a surprise when we sat down to finish the track list for the upcoming album, and kind of remind us of the beginning of the whole process.
 What is currently on your MP3 player/Record player/ CD player? 
At the moment I listen to two albums. The first is Beck’s “Morning Phase”. I take the train to school every morning, and sit there with my coffee watching the sun rise. The feeling that I get from doing that, is the absolute best description I would give anyone of that record, it just fits perfectly. The second album, or actually EP, is “Fragile”by Pascäal. It surprises me, and feeds my need for bass and is very good walking-music.
What are the 3 essential things you personally need to have with you/around you before you start writing/recording a song?
Coffee! As every other musician, I too have a very special relationship to that brown stuff. The other things must be enough time and a good vibe in the studio, we wouldn’t go anywhere without those two.
What 4 albums could you not live without?
Bloc Party – Silent alarm
Foals – Antidotes
Kashmir – Zitilites
MEW – Frengers
Are there any plans to tour outside of Denmark and the Netherlands this year?
We are going to Holland from 9th to 12th of April playing Utrecht, Zwolle, Zandam and The Hague, and then we are having our album tour in Denmark fasted that. That is the only thing we know for sure right now. As soon as we release the album there will definitely be added some more concerts, in Belgium and Germany as well.
You are set to release a new album this year, what can fans expect and give us a few reasons why we should give it a listen.
You can expect an album that is very mature at some point and very childish at others. We have focused a lot on preserve our live energy in the sound on ‘Rite de Passage’. So the sound is very organic and packed with energy. Furthermore, you can expect an album with lyrics that means the world to Martin, which just contributes to the honest sound we feel we have reached.



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