Kreisky @ Posthof

Kreisky’s music is not for the faint of heart. At times undeniably rocky with hints of pop elements and at times just noise and Franz Adrian Wenzl inspired anger and randomness. It is hard to imagine the Austrian music scene without the band named after former chancellor Bruno Kreisky, a name which still seems to envoke anger in the more conservative across Austria’s countryside.
With the bands new album comes with it a new tour through the clubs and venues of the country and one of them took place this weekend at the Posthof in Linz. A home match for the upper-austrians but despite considerable advertising they were unable to sell out the middle room. There was still a decent turn out which was verging on the older side for this one though. We’ve been to the Posthof for gigs a fair few times now, and It seems as if the parents of the cool kids go to the Posthof while their children are off in Vienna.


The gig started with the customary “schmäh” from Wenzl as he talked about how much beer they had knocked back back stage and he may not have been lying, as he proceeded to let off one cheeky insult or satirical comment after another. You know what to expect with Kreisky. It will be loud, it will be bizarre, it will be sweaty, and it will irritatingly fantastic. The new tunes have taken a different direction to the older stuff, with distinctly less anger and more fantasy in both the lyrics and the music and they are definitely songs which may take more than one listen, but you just can’t help like music which is made with as much passion as Kreisky do.