Fesch EP release @ Rhiz

It was almost a year to the day that Berlin and Vienna based band Fesch (formally known as The Fritz) played the Rhiz for the first time. A lot has changed since then, their name is different, the distance between the members has increased, but most importantly they are no longer an unknown quantity. The release of their debut EP Descent Into Greatness and their excellent first video to “Other Side Of Love” directed by Martin Vincent Kolbert  has seen them mentioned in Profil, FM4 and a number of blogs of good standing. It was no surprise then, that  Rhiz was stickily full on Friday night to celebrate the EP release. Especially given the fact that it was being handed out for free with tickets purchased in advance, something which should be done more often in our opinion.
The evening was kicked- off by relative unknowns Short and Pregnant, a translational play on words of the German term “kurz und prägnant”, which basically means to keep it brief and quickly get to the point. The band make guitar music in its purest, roughest form. They didnt fuck about on stage as they played one short energetic and very loud song after another. Lead singer Hieronymus Kloss gave the fans the good old Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment (if you know your football you will have the right image in your head) as he screamed into the mic. To get to the point like the band do, Short and Pregnant have definitely got something about them.
The performance of Fesch couldnt have been anymore different. Where S&P were rough, fesch were refined. Where S&P were angry, Fesch were sad and romantically reminiscent. Musically the band are firmly rooted in the 60’s with their mixture of love forlorn indie pop. Anyone that reads SiM will know that this band are no strangers to our pages. It was another performance which underlined the extreme potential of a band still in development, despite already being at an age when “it is cool to have your parents come to watch you play”.
Fesch are well and truly on that steep and exciting descent into greatness, and who knows what they will find at the bottom.