Things to see and do – 20.05 – 27.05

Festival times are coming. Not only the big commercial junk food, but a healthy diet of smaller, nicer, more independent festivals and “summerfests” as well.  There is still plenty happening indoors though too for those who seek the warmth of a good sweaty bar and a nice cold Wieselburger on a spring night.

————————————————————————————– – LIVE: THE JOSEPHINES (AT) + KARFEST (AT)@ B72- 20.05


The monthly dose of young, Austrian talent continues with the May edition of Wanna Play Vienna. The Josephines from Tulln make music between rock and pop and recently brought out their first EP “Imagination”, while the trio Karfest will be bringing their German language power pop to the stage.


M185 Release Party @ Flex- 21.05

The noise rockers are back on the scene and return with a brand new album “Everything is Up” which comes out on the 22nd of May. As you would expect from M185, it is full of driving indie rock, psychadelic arrangements, raw garage sounds and the usual touch of chic. Well worth checking out.
Electro fans should get themselves down to  Digitilism at Pratersauna for a bit of Nacht Schwimmer.
One of our favourites from 2013 Silvius Sonvilla will be supporting Judo Push at Chelsea on Wednesday night as well.

Mozes and the Firstborn @ Rhiz – 22.05

One of the bands of 2013 return to Vienna in 2014 for a gig in Rhiz, it will be damn good as usual. Nuff said.


Donaukanaltreiben 2014 @ Donaukanal – 23 – 25.05


We’ll be honest. We were pretty dissapointed with Donaukanaltreiben 2013. There was something missing.. a solid line-up of home grown talent. Thankfully the organisers have taken note and brought in some of the best local bands of the last year and a half.
Olympique, I-Wolf & The Chainreactions, We Walk Walls, Fijuka, Sex Jams, Gin Ga, She and The Junkies should be seen AT ALL COSTS. Even if it rains. We’ve made the decision easy for you, just sit back and listen to top tune after top tune.
The 2nd compilation of the Fettkakao Sampler 2014 (fett035) will be released on the 23rd of May with live gigs from BROOKE’S BEDROOM, DOT DASH, and BEACH GIRL AND THE MONSTER 


If you think we have missed anything or want to tell us about your band/event/party/World Cup warm-up gig then send us an email at or on Facebook