Things to see and Do – 27.05 – 02.06

Another week, another load of music to see in and outdoors


CLUB NOLABEL // Chris Emray + Back To Felicity + Apogolodaia & Rock im Dorf DJ-Set@ B72- 27.05

You know the score by now. New bands, good location and all delivered by a club night with a reputation for good music which is so reliable you could bet your house on liking/loving at LEAST one of the bands. If you’re a betting person….
Chris Emray, Back To Felicity + Apogolodaia will be on stage tonight.
Gran will be presenting the release of the masterful Chairs album tonight with free entry in Rhiz.
Gospel Dating Service and Marsh Marigold will be hitting up Chelsea.


We would be talking about how much you HAVE TO SEE Future Islands on Wednesday night, but it is sold out. So we won’t make the fact that you are going to miss out on an AMAZING live performance any worse than it already is.



Always a great festival with a healthy mixture of big bands and unknown gems. Steaming Satellites, Young Rebel Set, Cro, Deichkind and La Rochelle Band are the names that really stand out this time around.


Ute Bock Cup 2014 @ Wiener Sportclub Platz- 01.06


The traditional get together is a must for lovers of football, music, social integration and freedom of movement.


Teenbeat Sommerfest w/ Live: POND (aus) / POLKOV (AT)@ B72 – 02.06


Monday night gigs. Monday night gigs!
Just as the sun revolves around the Earth, so does a nation’s psychedelic pop scene revolve around Pond. The Australian psych rockers will be jetting into B72 to help celebrate the Teenbeat Sommerfest. The ever-changing collaborative make music to get lost to.
Suuns are back in Vienna with their collection of nostalgic, fuzz-infused beats and soothing, contagious harmonies.


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