On Repeat -Best of May 2014 – Part One

On Repeat 052014
WTF??? It is June already? The months are flying by and the music is slowly taking a turn for the summery. There is certainly a little smattering of that beach vibe amongst our best of May.  You should know the drill by now, only music which has somehow found its way to us through our various channels gets into the list, so if you want to be in the June edition, contact us through the following: Facebook/// Twitter /// Soundcloud  and of course email substanceismeaningless@gmail.com
Ash My Love – Honeymoon Blues
Their debut LP Honeymoon Blues came out at the start of May. It is a furious tale of minimalistic delta blues and black magic. Dark, heavy baselines and fuzz guitar in its most resplendent, bewitching form. The band are signed to Noise Appeal Records and the album can be bought here.

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Human Shout – Counting From Ten
Counting From Ten is the sterling second single off their upcoming album to be released in winter 2014/15. Human Shout make music full of emotion it its purist, most idealistic form. Counting From Ten is a track which grabs your attention instantly with its shoe gaze sentimentality and noise rock bravado.
AstroMike Gordon – Ministry Song
AstroMike Gordon is a Swedish rock group set to release their debut album on June 7th. They have a sound reminiscent of The Housemartins’ jangle-rock and a faint wiff of Bowie-esque spacey atmospheres. Led by the eccentric croon of Cristoffer Csanady, AstroMike Gordon‘s latest single – “Ministry Song” – shows the Stockholm quartet in full stride.
Galaxius Mons – Outweigh The Pillared Masts (feat. YouYourself&I and Anna Elbon)
This is a pop song, pure and simple. But it has that happy-go-lucky vibe to it that we love. It is the first single taken from the new self-titled Galaxius Mons album featuring guest vocals by YouYourself&I and Anna Elbon. Where the debut was a bedroom synth-pop classic the new record is cleaner, glossier and ready to make some waves.
Black Strobe – Going Back Home
After being on ice since 2012, Arnaud Rebotini’s Black Strobe released their comeback EP ‘Going Back Home’ through BlackstrobeRecords on 26th May. With their enigmatic French musician at the helm once more, the four piece return with a heady blend of country ‘n’ western inspired rock, effortlessly bridging the gap between blues and their electronic sound of old.
Cler – We’re Under Water
Cler is the side-project of Vienna-based multi-talent Max Hauer. Aided by many musical friends along the way, the debut album is a eclectic roller coaster of sounds, styles and influences which leaves you feeling all the more richer for hearing it. The album was released at the start of May on Asinella Records and can be bought here.

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Violet Skies – Dragons
Taken from her upcoming debut EP – ‘Dragons’ – produced by Great Skies, is a captivating slice of two-step heaven, blending
Violet’s haunting vocals with minimal electronic beats and enchanting orchestral sounds. Signed to Awkward Music, Violet’s debut EP ‘Dragons’ is available for pre-order on iTunes and will be released on June 22nd.
The Van Doos – Speak Up
‘Speak Up’ is the first official single from The Van Doos debut album, ‘Fingertips’. It is a raucous 2 and a half minutes of indie goodness. If the band can continue to bring out tracks like this, then they will not be an unknown quantity for too long.

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