Tall William – Raiser EP


A breath of fresh air to a genre which has dissapointed so often in recent years

Vienna-based British singer-songwriter Tall William has been making a name for himself in the local music scene for a while now, and has featured on SiM a number of times, not just on the reviewed side but also as a reviewer.
After locking himself away in the studio over the last few months Tall William has finally released his debut EP “Raiser”, a five-track journey into the mind of the artist, who will be celebrating its release in B72 on the 25th of June.
Being a singer-songwriter isn’t easy, and the genre has developed a certain stale stigma over recent years due to a lack of genuinly original and talented musicians. Thankfully Tall William is swimming against the tide. The Raiser EP has a definite DIY feeling it. A lot of time, sweat and creativity has gone into his first solo EP and the result is a musically accomplished, well thought-out 5 track which thankfully doesn’t go down the love forlorn croner route.
While the music may be positive, there is a definite dissatisfaction and political undertone in the lyrics. Tall William has some things he wants to get of his chest, and listen you certainly will. 21st century blues, bending over backwards for others and missing out on the important things in life are all topics which the singer deals with in depth across these five tracks, which are a breath of fresh air to a genre which has disappointed so often in recent years.
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