Things to see and Do – 24.06 – 30.06

The World Cup may be dominating most people’s lives at the moment, but there are still a fair few things happening for people who are looking to avoid the beautiful game.


Tall William: Raiser EP Launch @ b72 – 25.06


British multi-Instrumentalist Tall William’s debut EP ‘Raiser’ will be catapulted into the world from the stage of B72. The Vienna based songwriter known for uplifting stage performances and monochrome attire, uses banjo, piano, jaw harp and wild dogs to colour his solidly crafted acoustic creations. Silvius Sonvilla will be supporting him with his mix of uplifting indie-electro pop.
People in black and white will receive a 50% discount on the EP!


SEASICK STEVE (us) + MY BABY (hol) @ Arena Open Air – 26.06

The old man with an unbelievable talent for telling tales and banging out a hefty tune on his beaten old guitar takes to the stage in the Arena on Thursday night. If you have never seen him live, then you have no idea what you’re missing.



The first gig from the Vienna-based downer-wave band since signing to Siluh Records will be in Rhiz on Friday night


fiber* release-party: ME & JANE DOE (A), LEELOO (A). performance: KLIT CLIQUE @ Rhiz – 28.06

The 24th Fiber release party will be held on Saturday night will ME & JANE DOE with “Boycott” the focus of the issue
If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, or looking for a gig to take your parents to then Bob Dylan at the Stadthalle is what you want.

Donauinselfest – 28 – 29.06

Every year it comes around, every year we tell ourselves not to take part in the chaos, and every year we still go. The Bank Austria / Radio FM4 / island will be the place to spend most of your time, with live performances from M185, Ernesty International, Kreisky, Bilderbuch and er……..Kosheen.

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