On Repeat – June 2014 – Part one

On repeat_6
Better late than never as the old saying goes. Due to one reason or another the monthly selection of the best music to hit our inboxes has taken a while, but here it is in all its glory.
You should know the drill by now, only music which has somehow found its way to us through our various channels gets into the list, so if you want to be in the June edition, contact us through the following: Facebook/// Twitter /// Soundcloud  and of course email substanceismeaningless@gmail.com
Canopies –  Getting Older
Canopies is a collaborative recording project between five friends. The Milwaukee-based act is currently working on a new full-length, set for release later this year. “Getting Older” is one of many highlights with its synth feeling and catchy vibe.
 PLOY – Sunset Love
 An infectious little synth number from Ploy, who will be releasing a new track every week in July.
Tussilago official – Say Hello
Beautiful is a word which is perhaps used to often to describe music, but this is the only word which really fits this song from Swedish band Tussilago. The album is set for release this autumn on  Stockholm-based label/artist collective INGRID
TheMoneyGoRound – Velvet Sky
Brothers Rohan and Evan Wilcox are The Money Go Round. Written and recorded in the boys’ home studio in Sydney’s east, The single conforms toThe Money Go Round’s smooth psychedelic sounds while delivering a catchy guitar riff, captivating bass line and enchanting vocal melody.
Corsica Arts Club – California I Follow
LA-based duo Corsica Arts Club have been friends since childhood, and grew up sharing a love for David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and the Beach Boys. That influence can be felt in the magnificent California I follow, a track which you will find hard to put down.
Musique Le Pop – Mateo
“Mateo” is by Norwegian band Musique Le Pop but has a definite southern, beach party feeling despite their northern roots. Mateo is taken from their new EP: l’été EP.r
The Vaporettos – Fortress
The Vaporettos formed in the autumn of 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by: Britpop, Post-Punk, UK Mod culture, BBC Radiophonic Workshop and 1960’s Psychedelic Rock the sound is at once familiar and novel. Their debut EP was mixed and mastered by UK-based producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Abbey Road Studios, The Pretty Things, The Kingsmen).
Astronauts – Skydive
Skydive is taken from ‘Hollow Ponds’, the debut album from Astronauts which is the new project from Dan Carney, previously of East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. Initially conceived last year, while Dan was laid up in hospital awaiting surgery for a badly fractured leg, ‘Hollow Ponds’* has been written and recorded with the help of a number of his friends (most frequently former band mate Michael Cranny).