On Repeat – June 2014 – Part Two

On repeat_6
You should know the drill by now, only music which has somehow found its way to us through our various channels gets into the list, so if you want to be in the June edition, contact us through the following: Facebook/// Twitter /// Soundcloud  and of course email substanceismeaningless@gmail.com

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Pretty much no information about this band apart from the one sentence we got in the email which said – WE ARE LILAC PIN // THIS IS – EASY. Listen for yourself.
Lukasz Lach – DON’T HAUNT ME
The frontman for Polish rock group L.Stadt first solo project. The main concept is to cooperate with visual artists, who will work with his original songs to hopefully stir emotions in listeners and deliver striking atmospheres. Listen to the song below and check out his work.
London-based neo-psychedelic pop group The Proper Ornaments. Mining the rich territories of The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, their debut album proper, Wooden Head, features 14 thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep, dark undercurrent.
The Ruminaters – I Lost My Grandpa’s Teeth
This song is about a battle between a boy and a girl, who try to eat each other with a pair of dentures. I don’t think we need to say more than that…
White FenceLike That
It’s the 21st century man -we’re way past the feudal phase! Yet, somehow, some people still radiate their noble bearing, no matter where they are – just as certain songs are clearly meant to sing from the turrets still. In this fashion, and with high-collared coat turned up against the cruel wind, White Fence emerge from their high aerie to display a shining array of royal jewels each time they unveil a new pop album to the world.
Mount Sharp – Icarus
Brooklyn-based fuzzcore rockers, Mount Sharp, and their new single “Icarus” . The brand new single is the first release from their forthcoming EP,Weird Fears, which drops this August
The Broken Needles – The Great Divide
Incorporating elements of shoegaze, dreampop, lounge, soul and country; the album is a diverse offering of varied song forms and disparate influences – cohesive yet adrift somewhere in between the polar aural dimensions of The Birthday Party, Spiritualized and Van Morrison.